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Pregnancy after gallbladder removal painful?

Hi, I have been having a difficult time with this pregnancy because of abdominal pains. With my first I had a bit of cramping and terrible morning sickness. I had my gallbladder removed laparoscopically in 2013 I believe. I had pain from that surgery for a couple years before I felt normal again without muscle pain and cramps in weird areas.

I am almost 10 weeks and I know things are changing rapidly in my body but I'm just wondering if this pain is normal? I have sharp shooting pains in my naval area, and my right and left side randomly. It's really hard to describe. Random uncomfortable pain that makes me want to cry. It can be sharp and short, dull and long, etc.. 

it hurts laying down and it hurts standing up. I might just be worrying too much. I will speak with my doctor but I thought Id like to reach out to others who may have had this experience as well. 

Thank you

Re: Pregnancy after gallbladder removal painful?

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    It's most likely round ligament pain. I had the same thing since 6 weeks and it just gets worse (16 weeks now.) It's normal! Your uterus is growing :) just be careful getting up or moving rapidly. Definitely ask your doctor, though!

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