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MN for Aurora?

short list: Jeanne, Joy, Francis, Jade, Jane, Louise 

Re: MN for Aurora?

  • I like Jeanne and Jane. Since Aurora is three syllables, I think a one-syllable mn flows better.

    Other suggestions:
    Aurora Mae
    Aurora Dawn
    Aurora Rose
    Aurora Lane
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  • .......I was gonna suggest Dawn as a joke. Don't do it. Her name would be Dawn Dawn. 

    I like Jane and Louise best.
  • Jane was the first thing that popped into my head before reading your list.
  • Aurora Jane is just lovely and my favorite from your list. Next would be Joy because that's a GP name for me.

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  • Cricket99 said:
    Jane was the first thing that popped into my head before reading your list.
    Same- but I'm definitely biased because my DDs middle name is Jane
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  • Aurora Jane.
  • I like Aurora Jade. Was never a fan of Jane and it sounds kind of boring next to Aurora. 
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  • I like Joy or Jane best.
  • Aurora Jane
  • mb0112mb0112
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    Jane followed by Jeanne.  Definitely not Dawn. adding

    Aurora June
    Aurora Kate
    Aurora Grace
    Aurora Faye
    Aurora Joyce
    Aurora Beth
    Aurora Blythe 
  • Aurora Jeanne or Aurora Joy

    I love Aurora!  Gorgeous name
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