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My 5 week old was diagnosed with acid reflux at a week old. We were just recently put on Zantac. I haven't noticed much of a difference yet, but he seems to be spitting up a lot more. Is this normal? 
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    @Marciax3 Sorry your lo has reflux, good thing they diagnosed it early. You said you haven't noticed a difference..... in fussiness? 
    Not sure if spitting up more is normal or a side effect from the zantac. If it doesn't seem to be working after a couple of days I would ask about increasing the dosage. Keep in mind the zantac isn't going to prevent spitting up but it will help reduce the stomach acid to relieve pain and avoid damage to the esophagus. Are you burping often (after every ounce fed), tilt lo to their left side when feeding and lay him/her at an incline on their left side if severe. Hope lo feels better soon. 
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