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Should I have a baby shower? Last baby shower September of 2015

Ok so I had a baby shower September of 2015. But now I'm pregnant with TWINS after a miscarriage and I want to celebrate!! My fiancé says no! And I'm thinking this time I'll leave him out of it! I want something small and fun with my closet friends and family. What do you ladies think.. is it too soon?

Re: Should I have a baby shower? Last baby shower September of 2015

  • A baby shower welcomes a woman into motherhood. Since that has already happened for you, a baby shower wouldn't really be appropriate. If you want to do something with friends and family, you could do a meet the babies party after they are born. 
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    No you shouldn't have a shower.
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    No shower for you. 

    But hosting a sip n see, after the babies are born to celebrate them and not you would be nice.
  • Nope, but there’s no reason not to celebrate! Just dont make it about gifts and don’t call it a shower.
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