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Should I have a baby shower? Last baby shower September of 2015

Ok so I had a baby shower September of 2015. But now I'm pregnant with TWINS after a miscarriage and I want to celebrate!! My fiancé says no! And I'm thinking this time I'll leave him out of it! I want something small and fun with my closet friends and family. What do you ladies think.. is it too soon?

Re: Should I have a baby shower? Last baby shower September of 2015

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    No you shouldn't have a shower.
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    No shower for you. 

    But hosting a sip n see, after the babies are born to celebrate them and not you would be nice.
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  • Nope, but there’s no reason not to celebrate! Just dont make it about gifts and don’t call it a shower.
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  • Ditto the others -- find an awesome/creative way to celebrate with your friends that is not a shower.  There's a degree of expectation and etiquette about an event called a "shower" because guests will feel obligated to bring a gift.  If you invite people to a party where guests will feel like they must bring a gift, it's awkward.  Even if you wouldn't care, even if you are now having twins, and even if you experienced a loss in the past, there may be people on your guest list who will see a second shower as rude/greedy.  You may not even realize how they feel.   It's not the norm where I live to have a second shower, but I have been invited to them.  I certainly don't tell the MTB how rude she is.  I either don't go, or I just go and keep my mouth shut.

    Have a "last fling before the twins arrive" thing or host a "meet the baby/sip'n'see" party.  

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  • My family threw me a baby shower October of 2015 (had her in December) with my 1st. I am due in October with my 2nd and am going to have another baby shower with this one (PS. And I'm not throwing it for myself) this child has a different dad, and it's his 1st child. At first I wasn't for it but his family is very excited and I'm not going to tell them no
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