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Back again (with a new name)

I just got back from my 8 week appointment.  According to LMP I am 8w5d, ultrasound showed 6w, sac & embryo with no heartbeat. 

I am heartbroken. This baby... I was due Nov. 23, exactly 1 year to the day that I found out that I had a MMC. It's Thanksgiving this year (my twins were born on Valentine's Day, the first MMC was due July 4 - I guess holidays are a thing around here). It's also 10 years to the day that my husband & I started dating. All of that... I was sure this would all be good.

I should have known this morning.  Last night I had a dream I was bleeding.  The same dream I had before I miscarried last time.

So now I wait... hopefully it happens soon.
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Re: Back again (with a new name)

  • I'm so very sorry. I was almost 9 weeks when they saw the same thing on the ultrasound. It is heartbreaking. I hate that you are going through this again. I hope this was the last time you have that dream. Sending you hugs.    
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