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Hi everyone! @jenn622-2, @katyhill1025 , and myself are all LA moms from the September 2017 board. We had all mentioned that we came to this board but found it to be dead. So @jenn622-2 suggested we come here and introduce ourselves, for other moms who come to this board and just leave b/c they saw it was dead as well! So hello expecting mom's! Nice to meet you! 
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  • Hi ladies! I have so much trouble navigating this app for some reason! Took me way too long to find this group! Where are other moms planning on delivering? I think I will deliver at St Johns but plan on taking a tour in the next month or two to decide.
  • Hey! I'm not sure either--we are in Hollywood Hills, and we just had this conversation yesterday. The nearest hospital is Hollywood Presbyterian. Going to start doing some research this week. 

    I posted on on the other board before I saw this thread...what about prenatal yoga? Any suggestions? 

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    I'm in the valley and am delivering at Providence Tarzana in October. That's where I had my daughter a year and a half ago and I loved it. 

    Ive been doing yoga a lot. I take regular yoga classes mostly at my studio because I've been doing yoga for a couple years and the instructors are great about giving modifications for pregnant mamas in the regular classes. But they have prenatal classes too. The studio I attend is in the valley but for ladies over the hill, they have locations all over the place out there too. It's called YogaWorks. It's fabulous. The instructors are great and many of the ones that teach in my studio also teach classes at the other locations as well. They also have classes you can access online at home for a small additional monthly fee. It's a great option when I am too tired to leave the house. 
  • Hi! I'm due in december with baby number 2. I will also probably deliver at Hollywood Presbyterian @katyhill1025 With my first I went to prenatal at Yoga West and it was amazing- I met so many like-minded moms there. None of that mommy wars nonsense. It's in mid city so a little bit of a trot but worth it, especially for Khefri's Tuesday class
  • Hi there! We are currently TTGP in Simi Valley, CA!
  • I took a tour at Cedars Sinai yesterday and was really impressed with their L&D department. I'm a FTM so I had no idea what to expect but they have private rooms with showers in each, aromatherapy, baby stays in room with you, and a lot of birthing options regarding epidurals, skin to skin contact, delayed cord clamping, etc. I'm taking a tour of St Johns in a few weeks so im curious how they compare. St Johns is more convienent for us to get to (especially if theres traffic) but CS really seems like top notch care so an extra 20 minutes in traffic might be worth it - I say that now but when in labor might feel differently!

    Ive tried prenatal yoga at Red Diamond in Culver City, the Moving Joint snd Love Yoga in Venice. Keya, the instructor, at both Red Diamond and the Moving Joint is awesome! She's a doula and teaches childbirth classes as well. I have ClassPass so I've been checking out various studios. I haven't made it to YogaWorks yet but I'd like to try that too!
  • Hi all! I just moved into the LA area and am due in January. I moved into San Pedro and am looking for suggestions on Hospitals and OB's in the SouthBay area. I have autoimmune issues and my pregnancy is some what high risk. Any suggestions on Doctors and hospitals to loom into?
  • @jenn622-2 not that this affects anything, but I was born in CS! My mom said that they have a really good NICU ward (or did 33 years ago when I was born...)!
  • @JennyColada CS is a great hospital! My SO was born at St Johns (38 years ago!) so we have nostalgia there too ;) I think CS has the better NICU and if anything were to go wrong would be the safer of the two options!
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    Hello LA mamas. I have just seen this, I too am in LA and I will be delivering at CS, that's where I had DS, 2 years ago. I love that place and it is close to me, 3 miles from home. DD is due early Feb, you understand I'm the "Come soon LO I'm tired".
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