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Silas or Caspian

madisonpolinomadisonpolino member
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I am so in love with both of these names! Which one should I choose for my sweet baby boy? Comments and honest feedback are also very much appreciated.

Silas or Caspian 76 votes

78% 60 votes
21% 16 votes

Re: Silas or Caspian

  • I like both but voted Silas just because I like it slightly better. 
  • leighryleighry member
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    I feel like I've been hearing a lot of people kick around Silas lately. I think they're both good names but I voted Caspian since I haven't heard that on anyone ever.
  • Caspian!  But I do really like Silas as well

  • Like Caspian, love Silas. Both names aren't in the SSA top 1000, so popularitywise you're good :)
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  • Silas here.  Caspian to me immediately means Prince Caspian (like PP said) or Caspian Sea to me. I would assume his parents were CS Lewis stans.
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  • Silas is my son's name so I'm obviously bias and voted Silas without question. Just wanted to say though, while I have seen Silas float around on the internet more often, I have only met two IRL, both were about 8 years old, in AZ. Justin Timberlake's boy was born right before mine and I was so upset it would get super popular. But so far, no regrets. Love it! 
  • NME44NME44 member
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    I picked Caspian only because Justin Timberlake named his son Silas, so it has that connection for me. Both are perfectly lovely names, though.
  • My son is 5 and named Silas.  So just before JT and then people hated it.  Said It was evil (wtf?) But now they are accepting to it so it will rise in popularity. I have met/heard of very few Silas'. Caspian reminds me of Prince Caspian or Casper the ghost. Also I love It on a baby or toddler, but doesn't suit an adult IMO. 

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