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Possible Hook effect at 5 Weeks 5 days?

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Maybe I am crazy to keep testing but my test yesterday looked lighter, so I took another one this morning and the control line was darker then the test line for the first time in over a week!  So in desperation on my next pee I diluted it.  like 25% pee and 75% warm tap water.   The test line was darker again.  I know I sound crazy, but honestly since my last one was a miscarriage..I am a little crazy! Could this possibly be the hook effect at under 6 weeks?   I had heard that it was rare..

Dont know that it matters but I also did DE IVF...might be adding to my crazyness! 

Re: Possible Hook effect at 5 Weeks 5 days?

  • Congrats on your pregnancy @AmyLynn824. You may want to edit this post to take out the photo, since posting pee sticks is against TOU. To answer your question, these tests shouldn't really be used to determine if HCG is rising by analyzing the darkness of the line. The concentration of HCG in your urine varies with how hydrated you are and a few other factors. There can also be variances in the amount of dye between lots of the same brand of tests. I'd stick to using blood work to be sure your levels are rising appropriately. 
  • I think you might be overthinking it. All of those look very positive.  I don't know what the hook effect is, but maybe you stop testing if the results are causing anxiety?  I don't think the dye in those things are meant to be used as definitive indicators of exactly how pregnant you are....they vary from lot to lot I would imagine. 
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