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  • Yes on the peri bottle. If there is one thing that is a must have for vaginal pp care, it's this one.
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  • DEFINITE yes on the peri bottle. In addition to using it instead of wiping, I'd spray some on my stitches while peeing. Water feels infinitely better on an open wound than pee.
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  • hp_momma said:
    I never made any padsicles, just used the ones in the hospital. I definitely didn't feel like I needed them when I got home from the hospital, even with my 2nd degree tear. So I personally wouldn't recommend spending a ton of time making a lot! 
    Agreed that the padsciles weren't really necessary for me. Also agreed with others that the peri bottle is totally a must and dermoplast/witch hazel pads on top of an actual pad worked perfectly. 

    Also, make sure that you have regular pads on hand for when the bleeding slows down. This happened for me this time at about 1 week and I'm still bleeding but it's way less and the big pads would be total overkill and uncomfortable. 
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    BabyMC517 said:
    Question for those of you who purchased the witch hazel with aloe in it...if you're making the padcicles, do you still need to add extra aloe or since its together that's all you'd need? I think it was @sweaterboots and @nda_roxybabe but I could be wrong! 
    My witch hazel (the rose water one) has aloe in it, but I did aloe as well as thats what my "recipe" called for.

    Edited because I caught up:
    I made 18 because thats about how many I could fit into 2 gallon ziplocs. I think I'll benefit from them as I have had issues down there before where I desperately wanted some ice. If not, oh well, it didn't take me long. I plan on getting a 2nd peri bottle from the hospital so I have 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. I do not want to mess around.
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