Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Sadly I'm back

Today ultrasound confirmed MMC. D & C is scheduled for Friday.  I'm just feeling so sad and angry right now.  We had a miscarriage in august 2016.  I just hate this. 

Re: Sadly I'm back

  • I am so sorry that this is happening to you. I understand your pain and your struggles. It is so easy to be bitter about this situation. SO easy. It's confusing and leaves you unbalanced. Hope is truly one of the most beautiful and dangerous things in this world. It can build us up so easily and we love to have it, but life doesn't plan around us. I am so so sorry for you and your little one. I wish you the best recovery physically and emotionally. I am going through my first as of now and it's absolutely terrible. I however am not having a MMC, as far as we know so far. Here's hoping everything is gone, but that loss and that pain is the worst. It really is. 
  • Thank you.  I'm sorry for your loss 
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  • Oh no @Mack2342! I'm so sorry for your loss! 
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  • Thanks @babypi.  I will be heading to TTCAL in near future.  
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    @Mack2342 ((hugs)) so many of them.  I am so sorry girl : (   
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  • I am so, so sorry to see this @Mack2342, big hugs to you girl. 
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    CP 1/25/16 4.5 weeks, developed Graves' disease
  • @Mack2342 You just stay strong and focus on recovering. I will pray for you to have strength, a wonderful recovery, and for a nice sticky rainbow baby in the future. I am so sorry for your loss.
  • Thanks ladies
  • Oh, @Mack2342 I'm so sorry. Lots of hugs your way.
  • No no no! I'm so sorry @Mack2342 I didn't want to see you back here. Some things just suck!
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  • So sorry for your loss:(
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