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Ellery's Birth Story!

Ok, I gave a brief hint of the craziness that happened getting our little miss here but thought I'd post the whole story cause I am still blown away by it!

We'll start with Wednesday. I had my regular ob check in the morning and she told me I was barely maybe a 1 and not soft at all. I was so bummed but not really surprised since DS was 2 days past his due date and I made an appointment to see her next week on my due date. Thursday morning about 1:30/2, I got up to go to the bathroom and had some spotty mucus stuff when I wiped but didn't really think much of it cause I had been spotty since getting checked at my appointment the day before. Went back to bed and by back hurt really bad for a brief bit and then stopped. I was like, hmm weird. Was that a contraction? It felt like nothing I had with DS. About 10 min later it happened again. Every 10-15 min it did that mainly in my back, slightly wrapped to the front but not bad, up til I was getting up for the day at 6. Decided I'd get in the shower, try to get ready for work and see what happened. They pretty much went away with maybe a super light one or two over the next hour and a half. I was like ok whatever, that was weird but maybe I'm getting ready and maybe this weekend or something.
DH was going to a funeral a hour and a half away that morning so I told him what was going on but we decided it'd probably be fine for him to still go since they had tapered off but I'd text asap if anything changed.  I went to work and gave my coworker a heads up but said probably nothing more would happen. Had a few mild ones off and on during the morning but nothing closer than 20 minutes apart and I could easily talk and walk through them. Went to my mom's at lunch to see DS (she keeps him while I work) came back to work and just felt tired but figured it was since I really didn't sleep that night.
At 2 pm I had a really strong contraction that made me hunch over in my chair and after, my coworker was like "that was a good one huh? Maybe you should go home!" I told her I'd wait to see how one or two more was and then maybe leave cause I really wanted a shower and to lay down. I had two more decent ones so decided at 2:45 I'd just go home. Told them I'd probably rest and be there in the morning still. 
Got home, DH had gotten home from the funeral about 2 so he was just off the rest of the day. Told him they were getting a bit more painful but not close at all so I was going to shower and try to relax a bit.
Got in the shower and after about 20 min had several contractions so decided I better get out so I could time them again and call my ob. 
Got out and tried to stand up to get dried off and o had to keep sitting after about 20 seconds. Told DH to get his stuff together and we should probably go. He helped me get a bra and tank on and then I crawled out to our room to get my purse and the ob phone number. Gave it to DH and told him to call. He calls and tells them he needs to talk to her asap and so they put him on hold while they go get her. Meanwhile I am having contractions on top of each other and about to cry cause I am panicking thinking about trying to make it to our delivery hospital 40 min away. DH is still waiting and I am yelling "I'm not going to make it, I'm not going to make it!" "I feel pressure and like I need to pee bad!" (Which I knew from how I felt with DS it wouldn't be long) DH says he's hanging up and calling 911, which he does. I throw a blanket on the floor and squat down and my water breaks. I felt the need to push and I could feel her head coming out - DH is telling 911 this and they are "instructing him" what to do/grab while EMTs are in route. He tries help me lay down and I push twice more and she's out! About 2 min later the paramedics arrive and help get the cord ready to cut and me assessed. They then transported us to our local hospital (5 min away) to be checked, deliver the placenta etc. We both checked out great, and stayed over night for observation and newborn tests. 

Ellery Elizabeth arrived at 3:41 pm (less than one hour after I decided to leave work!!), Was 8lb 1oz just like her big brother and was 20" long.  We are in love and doing awesome!
It was such a crazy way she arrived but I wouldn't change it for anything. It was an incredible moment to get to experience with just DH and I and we are so thankful it went well!

Writing this out mobile so hopefully it makes sense and not too many typos ;)
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Re: Ellery's Birth Story!

  • I've been waiting to read your story! Absolutely incredible. Great job mama and what a way to welcome your girl into the world!
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  • Thanks for sharing! I've been wondering about her birth. What an incredible story! Amazing job birthing her at home, also impressed with your husband's quick thinking and reacting! You have such a fun story that's hers for the rest of her life, so special! ❤
  • Wow what an amazing story. I'm so glad everything is ok. Congratulations!
  • Wow! That sounds so intense! Congratulations!!!

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  • Wow this is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!
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  • Such a crazy story! Glad you're all doing well!!
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  • What an amazing story!! Congratulations mama!! 
  • Such a crazy, amazing, special birth story!  You guys' will enjoy telling this for years and years to come.  I am so glad that your DH was home and that you and Ellery were safe and healthy!  Seriously, amazing!
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  • Wow, that is amazing! I'm so happy she is here, and you are both doing well. Just reading your story made me cry! 
    @KirstinH88 my DH told me the same thing!
  • Thanks for sharing! I'm glad everyone is happy and healthy!
  • Wowza!!! Glad to hear everyone is doing ok. Congratulations!
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  • Can you imagine if you hadn't gone home when you did???!!  Such a crazy-intense story!  I love it!!  Congrats to you and family!!!
  • Congrats! Such a crazy story! Good thing your DH was home too 
  • Wow Congrats!  As I was reading your story, I was beginning to think it sounded a lot similar to the beginning of my birth story with my second son, except I didn't go to work that day and I made it to the hospital! Lol. The nurses there were wondering why I waited so long to come because I was 9cm dilated and if I would've waited any longer I wouldn't have made it to the hospital in time!  I'm wondering were you planning on having an epidural?  I just barely got one in time to push my baby out.  Anyway, great story!  Now I'm wondering how my birth story will end up with this lil girl on her way, I'm 37 weeks today so any day now...  
  • Freaking bananas!!!! What an awesome birth story!! I can't believe it - you guys are amazing!!! Hugest congratulations to you and your family! ❤
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