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Zika safe vacations in FL?

Hi Ladies, 
I know Zika hasn't been in Florida for a bit, but wondering what everyone doctors have said about it. I have a few prego friends who went to Florida and I'm wondering if northern Florida is safe, particularly Orlando area. I know from experience theee are no mosquitos in Disney because they bomb the place with spray, but wondering how the beach would be- like cocoa beach ? 

Re: Zika safe vacations in FL?

  • I haven't heard any warnings about it. But they haven't brought it up because I wasn't going to travel anyway. The CDC website would be your best bet besides your doctor I guess. 
  • Yeah, makes sense. My doctor just writes off anywhere south of NJ practically even if no warning. We may do South Carolina to be ultra safe. How are you doing @HGRich
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  • @KyCade3013 nothing wrong with being extra safe! I got back from vacationing in Georgia and shortly after they said Florida mosquitos had been found to have Zika. Still a long way off but it freaked me out because I had conceived this rainbow baby in Georgia and I knew I'd gotten two or three bites while there. No zika was ever found in Georgia though so that made me feel better. 

    I'm doing well! Looking forward to a weekend of alternating rest and chores. The Braxton hicks contractions get pretty bad now when I try to do chores so it'll be slow going. Hope you have a good weekend! 
  • @kycade3013 I live in the Tampa area and obviously was pregnant during the height of the Zika scare. The only place it was transmitted locally was Miami and I believe the governor made an announcement a while back that there were no more local transmissions down there either. Still scary and if you have other vacation options I'd take them over FL. It's too hot down here anyway. 
  • This is really good to know, I'll push the South Carolina vacation then. I'd love the warm ! We are in NJ so even 70s would be lovely. Thanks ladies and hope you had great weekends!! 
  • I just went to Orlando and the Bahamas in February, and there wasn't a single mosquito in sight. My doctor made it seem like the Zika scare was pretty over hyped. Many places that are affected by Zika spray for mosquitos more frequently as a precaution. If you go to the CDC website, that will tell you if you are safe to travel to Florida. We did a lot of research and saw the most recent reported case of Zika contraction was in like August or September of 2016, meaning roughly 6mos of no Zika reports before we got on the plane. I say go for the trip to Florida and pack bug spray to be safe. Though I totally understand if you aren't comfortable with it, and decide to stay somewhere a little more north.
  • I think different doctors have different opinions. My first OB advised us against going to the Dominican Republic and my other doctor said you are fine if you stay in the resort area because they spray daily. He said just wear spray. I was in Orlando in November at Disney and we didn't see one mosquito he entire week in the park. 
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