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  • Tennis11785Tennis11785 member
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    @JJMNO1616 - Gotcha.  I have some people I'm FB friends with from where I grew up who post political stuff all the time.  But the minute anyone comments disagreeing with them, even if it's politely and in a dialogue, they flip out about how "it's their wall and they can say what they want" and "how dare you come here and disagree with me."  It's super frustrating because it essentially says "I can tell you how I feel but don't you dare tell me how you feel".  But if in your situation this person just came to pick a fight, which is sounds like they did, that's a whole other thing.  

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  • @eggplantface so now I need to know, are you pro double space? or no double space?
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  • Avrilmai said:
    @eggplantface so now I need to know, are you pro double space? or no double space?
    HAha I was just looking at her comments to see if they were double spaced but couldn't tell. I've never understood the double space thing? Not that I don't agree with it, i've just never heard about why you would or would not? 
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  • I was taught in high school to double space, so that's what I always did writing papers in college! I don't double space on informal stuff like TB though.
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  • @eggplantface I never knew people double spaced between sentences until I started working as a research coordinator and one of the doctors I worked for always double spaced the protocols. It drove me bonkers so I would make changes and use single spaces. I kind of thought maybe it was a cultural thing because the Dr. I worked with wasn't from the US.... but apparently it's a thing? 
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  • Ugh, any memos that we send out for work need to have the double space after the period, and it pains me to do it every time. Also, from what I have been told, there is one woman who will sit there and actually measure every space to make sure it is double spaced before she sends your document for approval. 
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  • @Pinky917 Does she look like this?
    Image result for monsters inc lady glasses

    She sounds...pleasant.

    Is there a reason that they need them that way? Are they putting them into some type of program? Or are they just not with the times?

    https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/735/02/ - on AP Style 
    https://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2011/01/space_invaders.html - Includes a reference about Chicago's recommendation because I'm out of time to find the right link to the Chicago Manual site. 

    Does your company simultaneously like to pretend that they're hip?
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  • lundlund member
    @kiki75 @eggplantface  I was actually on my way back here to say that I was taught to double space, but I have no idea what the reasoning is/was. I had no idea it was so antiquated! 

    So, I stand corrected! Although I admit it will be a difficult habit to break. Also, I feel old  :D
  • I was taught to double space when I learned to type in the early 1990s...I've tried to break myself of the habit but I do sometimes fall back into it. I really don't care either way but I had some professors in grad school who insisted on single, and the editor of the local magazine I write for now also has strong feelings about it...so I try to be good. 
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  • haha that's great @jlemons-2!!

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  • @lulu1180 Oh dear. This could be really helpful - or a huge rabbit hole hahaha! 

    @eggplantface What?? That's... well, that's just insane. I promise you all now - I will never be the woman who saves her pee. Pictures of tests in FF though - that's another story!
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  • lulu1180 said:
    @Sailing_Mama I'm about to blow your mind!  Since you have FF VIP, you can save pics of OPKs and HPTs in FF.  If you go to enter data and scroll all the way down, there's an option for photos and a portion called light box.  All of this means no more having to save old OPKs!!!!
    Consider my mind blown!
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  • @starla Right?!?! (Also - yay for getting your name sorted out!)
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    I don't care if you single or double space, just be consistent. Same with the Oxford comma debate. Though my FFFC is that I usually (ok, maybe always, both on my own writing and when proofreading others) use find and replace to get rid of double spaces, again for consistency. Also, unlike @haylsbayls, I need all the space I can get writing grants!

    Edited to fix bad autocorrect... Can't have that during this discussion!

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  • @kiki75 I so agree! On most other grammar things, I'm very chill and generally ok with the fact that language changes, and the majority is in the right. But the overcorrection of "and me" to "and I" drives me nuts. There's a simple test for this, people! Just delete the "___ and" and see if you still think it should be "and I". Drives me crazy. But then of course, I don't mind overusing "me" in contexts like "me and ___ talked about" where it really should be "I"....  
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