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When did you stop progesterone?

I'm going to be 9 weeks tomorrow. My RE only has me on the suppositoriesfor one more week. That be just shy of 10 weeks. I've been released to my OB who said that the placenta kicks in around 8 weeks so that I should be fine. He said its best to listen to the RE about when to stop. I'm just so nervous to end so early. When did you stop? 

Re: When did you stop progesterone?

  • Hello @stuuuaaart!
    I stopped at exactly 10 weeks. As I got pregnant with a donor in Denmark while living in Norway I had no clinic following my pregnancy. Once I was pregnant I was considered 'normal' so my ob followed me.
    The only thing my clinic followed me up on was the 'stop at 10 weeks'. I asked them if they were sure and they said the same as yours that my placenta would take over. 
    I was informed that as my 'only' problem was PCOS and all my numbers where find prior I should be absolutely fine.
    It was scary! But oh so wonderful at the same time (I had suppositories and those are messy)
    My LO is 5 months on April 1st :)


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  • Thank you! I feel a mix of  I can't wait to be done and I'm scared to be done. I'm also on suppositories. They are no fun. 
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  • My RE said 8 weeks was fine, I used up the rest of a box so ended at 9 weeks (yesterday). I was nervous but that's their standard and lots of healthy babies as a result so I'm just trusting them :)
  • I'm on PIO shots until I reach 10 weeks. (Less than 2 weeks more!) Looking forward to finally being done with shots! My RE told me the same thing about placenta at 8 week too.
  • Stopped my PIO at 10 weeks. I was nervous, but all turned out just fine! I'm now 37+5 with a singleton. Try not to worry and enjoy being off those nasty suppositories! :)
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  • My RE had me continue my Vivelle patches and PIO shots until I had reached 12 weeks. I think everyone's doc is different. 
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  • Like the others, I stopped PIO (and oral estrace) at exactly 10 weeks. You don't need it past 8 weeks (like your doc said, the placenta takes over by then) but REs differ on how far past 8 weeks they have you go as a precaution. My OB was blunt about it and told me that continuing the progesterone any longer would be doing nothing but delaying an inevitable miscarriage if for some reason your placenta has NOT taken over by then.
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  • Hey all just checking in. I'll be stopping my progesterone inserts at 11weeks on the day with what I have left! How's everyone doing that have went off of them?
  • I went to sometime between 10 and 11 weeks, and other than a reduction in the severity of my symptoms, coming off was uneventful. 14 weeks now and still going strong, and glad to be done with the drippy mess LOL.
  • My Dr said that we'd start reducing the PIO around 11 weeks and be off it by 12 

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  • Wahoooo today is my first full day off of Endometrin! Yesterday morning I did my last insert...gosh it feels nice not to be a "drippy mess" @sasha29-2 lol. 
    Going to pay close attention to my body to see if there are any changes. 
    My SIL  had a successful IUI done 12 years ago.  When she stopped her inserts her symptoms got worse so we will see! I've read also some women felt better or got worse nausea. Time will tell! Hehe
  • I was off PIO and estrogen by 11 weeks - felt like this day would never come!
  • I'm on oral progesterone and was told I'll stop after 12 weeks. 
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