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Tattoo for baby

Nolegirl1185Nolegirl1185 member
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Hey ladies!  I am wanting to get a tattoo in honor of baby Jordan.  I know I 100% want it to incorporate his footprints and I definitely don't want it big.  I have a couple ideas that I like and I want your opinion.  DH will be getting something with his footprints as well.  We will be going to the shop this week to have our artist draw something up, so it probably won't be exactly like these ones, these are just ideas.

Since Jordan is a boy, is the idea of a butterfly too girly?  I'm a little torn..I feel like it is, but isn't at the same time since I'm a girl and it will be on my body.

I realllllly want a watercolor tattoo, is that also too girly?  I am thinking I want the butterfly tattoo but with watercolor footprints like these, but perhaps a less pink.

Is one simple blue footprint better?  Or maybe one footprint with just a couple colors, watercolor style. you just dislike this idea all together?

IF you do like one of the is location.

A) outside of ankle
B) back of shoulder
C) front of shoulder
D) another idea?
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Re: Tattoo for baby

  • Nolegirl1185Nolegirl1185 member
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    Where the letter B ) should be there's a smiley face with sunglasses and I have no idea why.  When I try to edit the post, it shows correctly.  Strange....????
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  • HGRichHGRich member
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    I don't have any tattoos yet (was going to get one and then got pregnant) so maybe I'm not the best person to ask. But I like the idea of the butterfly actually. It's on you, so girly I would say is fine for that reason?? But single footprint is classic and a nice tribute too. And I like the idea of back of shoulder, but mostly because that's where I was going to get mine. Also the B is changing because B and ) is how you make the smiley sunglasses emoji and it's trying to be helpful. lol. But we know what you mean. 
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  • @Nolegirl1185 personally I am a fan of simple, plain, mode detailed tattoos so I lean towards the last one. The butterfly one is girly, but I think it would look so pretty! I like all your locations, maybe the front of the shoulder? That's a hard one - depends on which one you pick. I want a tattoo to remind me of baby girl but haven't figured out what I want to do yet! DH is going to do footprints as well. Did your hospital do footprints? Ours doesn't, so I have to remember to do them myself for him. 
  • @HGRich That makes sense with the B...I tried it like 5 times haha.  @carpediem55 Our hospital does footprints during the discharge class.  The footprints turned out good, but the hand print was awful.  The lady even admitted she was bad at them, and she wasn't lieing haha. 

    Thanks for your input!!
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  • I like the butterfly! I don't think that it matters that it's "girly", it's on your body and its your baby. Now your husband might not want the butterfly feet....
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  • A tattoo is for you, 100%, so I wouldn't worry about the fact that he's a boy and some of them are feminine. Get what you'll like for the rest of your life. 

    I like the butterfly in theory, but something to think about is how it ages. The footprint is a little blurry compared to the numbers, so the numbers will stay "crisp" for lack of a better word, longer and it may look funny after time. I've never seen a watercolor tattoo so I'd also look into how those age with time.

    As far as location, I think it depends on if you plan on getting more. Is this your first tattoo? I think your ankle is your safest bet if it is the first one. I personally would avoid the back.  But I'm totally biased because I have my entire back tattooed (in celebration of beating PPD, actually) and I'm really glad I saved my whole back as a canvas for it, if that makes sense. You never know, you get hook on tattoos and want the body space for something epic later :)

    I can't wait to see what you decide! I love tats!

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  • Even though I typically prefer black tattoos to tattoos with color (for other people, I'm not a tattoo person for myself) I kind of really like the watercolor one. But I think it might be too much to do that with the butterfly. But I'm pretty conservative about these kinds of things, so feel free to ignore!

    I agree though that the femininity doesn't matter--it's on you, not him. 
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  • I am personally not a fan of footprint tattoos but if that's what you want I say go for it. In my opinion tattoos are for the person wearing them so how you feel about it is really all that matters. That being said I like the single watercolor idea on the back of the shoulder.

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  • Personally, I like the single blue footprint. I think because it's so simple it would be easy to add more tattoos if you have other children. I think the watercolor is really pretty also, just never seen them before! As far as placement, definitely go with wherever YOU want it to be! My tattoo is on my side/rib cage and it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would, so pick a spot that you like!
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  • I like the idea of watercolour with butterfly and less pink in the colours! I'd put something like that on the back
    of my shoulder 
  • @KirstinH88 maybe on FB!
    Me: 31
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    Married 5 years
    DD born 8/30/13
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  • @KirstinH88 My one and only tattoo as of now is on the inside of my left wrist so I like that placement too!  If I go simple, just one footprint I may do the other wrist.  So many options! Ahh.
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  • @Omie_Wise haha DH is definitely not getting the butterfly ;)
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  • @cafedisco I didn't think about how the print(s) and date would age comparably nor what watercolor looks like over time.  Great things to think about...  

    I have one tattoo that I got in 2009.  DH told me once I got one I would get hooked and I told him my next one would be when we have a kid...and here we are :)  However, DH is hooked.  He ALWAYS wants a new tattoo.  If we had a never ending supply of money, I'm convinced he'd have no skin left to cover.  He has 11 right now.

    I second @KirstinH88 I'd love to see your back piece as well; however I completely understand if that is something personal and private.  Such an inspiring story behind it!

    It's not my first tattoo, but I only have one and I got it 8 years ago!  So basically starting new haha.
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  • If there is any possibility you might have more children would you get a tattoo for each of them?  Something to think about when designing a tattoo.
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  • I second @pammasu0909! Im actually looking for a way to incorporate my 5 little ones into one design (probably something like a Celtic mother's knot) right now as well. I do love the watercolor tattoos, but heard they fade/blur fast. 
  • I've heard water color style tattoos fade really fast,  echoing what someone posted earlier. I had a friend who's water color style tattoo was extremely faded after 2 years.  What if you got the outline of his foot print and as the filler used his birth date/time? You could also add a little quote, saying or bible verse or whatever that filled in the outline of his print. Just a different twist. inks keep getting better with technology but you'll have to have maintenance with any tattoo.
  • @cafedisco I want to see so bad!!!

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  • i'm not a fan of footprints, but rather something simple like this: 

    But I say, go with whatever you want!  You'll be wearing it, no one else will. 
  • I'll try to dig up a pic...I know I took one right after it was done but I think that's it!
    Me: 31
    DH: 36
    Married 5 years
    DD born 8/30/13
    #2 expected 4/25/17
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