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TWW Saturday 3/25

First time starting a daily thread, hopefully I'm doing this right! For some reason The Bump keeps crashing my browser today...





GTKY (shamelessly stolen from WTO): If you could live in a book, television show, or a movie as a character (just for one day) what and who would you choose?
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Re: TWW Saturday 3/25

  • Month/Cycle: 4/4

    CD/DPO: 23/10

    Testing: BFN this morning with a huge temp drop. Hoping that AF will hold off at least one more day so I can have a 10 day LP, but feeling pretty down overall.

    R/R: Alone in the house today because my husband's at work, so trying to distract myself from ALL THE FEELINGS by staying busy cleaning and organizing. My cat got me up at 5 this morning, though, so a nap might be called for in a little bit.

    CS/Q: Nope.

    GTKY: This may be a little obscure for non-bookworms, but there's a children's series by Patricia C. Wrede about a princess who lives with a dragon and has various adventures. The first book is called Dealing with Dragons. I'd like to be Princess Cimorene for a day, that seems pretty fun!
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  • @Augusta108 Thank you for starting this today!  I can never think of GTKY, so I always don't do it. Sorry about the BFN, but hopefully AF will hold out so you can have a longer LP.

    Month/Cycle: 7/6, 4/4 AL

    CD/DPO: 28/5

    R/R:  I had my highest temperature ever this morning and my chart is looking pretty so cue the BSC.  We're going over my BIL's in a little while to play cards so should be a fun afternoon!

    CS/Q: none today

    GTKY: Hmm that one is hard! I'm going to think about it and come back. 
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  • @Augusta108  Thanks for starting the post! Sorry for the temp drop and the bfn.... I hate the build up of hope during the tww and the stupid let down at the end :(
    @JJMNO1616  Ugh what is it with these stupid thermometers! Sorry for the temp drop. Fingers crossed for a longer lp!
    @TigerCakes  Yay for the pretty chart!! Hopefully it's a good sign!

    CD/DPO: 23/5 dp trigger

    Testing: currently testing out my trigger and will test till af or beta

    R/R: rave.... my transfer is still scheduled for Monday! rant: terrified something will go wrong (lining goes bad, embies don't defrost etc) Just getting myself together to make sure I have a few relaxed days after transfer..... making bread, making bone broth, planning to have food for a couple days made in advance.

    CS/Q: nope.... actually.... I'm about 4 days into using progesterone and my temp spiked high.... I though progesterone would keep my temps pretty stable. I've never taken it before so who knows. Maybe my own body is also producing more?
    GTKY (shamelessly stolen from WTO): If you could live in a book, television show, or a movie as a character (just for one day) what and who would you choose? I grew up loving the whole series of wizard of it books. I'd love to go to oz for a day :)
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  • @dragonette505. FX for all good things Monday!!! :D 
    <img alt="" src="">
    Sorry for the bfns @Augusta108 @BreezyBee 
    <img src="" alt="">
  • @Augusta108 sorry for the BFN
    @JJMNO1616 I'm sure estheticians have seen much worse! 
    @K&amp;Elizabeth welcome back! 
    @dragonette505 so many fingers & toes crossed for you! Try and do some self care this weekend to help with the anticipation - it must be intense!
    @BreezyBee Good on you for keeping a positive attitude! Best to focus on what you CAN do! Sorry about AF though, CD1 is never fun, regardless of how positive you are lol
    @kmalls That is an impressive list of accomplishments! Well done!
    @KatieEl oh man dealing with shitty neighbors does not sound fun! Hopefully you can get DH on board and GTFO! Also, thanks for adding timing into your post, I was sad the OP forgot, because I'm pretty proud of our efforts this month too hahaha

    Month/Cycle: 4/4

    CD/DPO: 20/2

    Timing:-2, -1, O, +1

    Testing: I'm having a hard time deciding what to do here. I want to wait for DH to get back from work (would be WAAY past AF's due day) but the ILs are coming to visit and will arrive before DH, and I know they will expect me to have wine with dinner and such... So I'll want to know... But I dont trust myself to hide it from them if I do have a BFP... (trying to have a positive attitude over here lol)

    R/R: Rant:ugh terrible sleep between nights today again... I never used to have this problem! 

    CS/Q: If I add a 'high' temp tomorrow, it gives me CH for CD18, feel free to share your thoughts!
    My Ovulation Chart
    GTKY (shamelessly stolen from WTO): If you could live in a book, television show, or a movie as a character (just for one day) what and who would you choose? I vote Belle from B&TB but AFTER the spell is broken haha 
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  • @kvacmak - I always wait for CH too. My body has a way of faking me out every month at least once.
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  • @kvacmak lol I didn't meant to intentionally add back in timing, I just have an open doc that I edit each day for posting.  Didn't even realize it was missing in OP.  But glad you liked it all the same. Your timing is v. good, esp. with DH traveling!
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    DS2: Jan. 2016
    DS3: Dec. 2017
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  • @JJMNO1616. When you read, "art festival," as "A.R.T. festival" like, of that's weird!

    Oh.  She meant Art.  Like an art festival.  Which is normal.

    Is it bedtime yet?
  • @BusinessWife Haha! That's really funny.... and I agree it would be a really unusual festival to have. 
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  • Ha, sorry about forgetting timing in my OP! I did say it was my first time creating a daily thread. Glad those of you who wanted it in there went ahead and put it back in! 
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