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Prayers & Faith Check-In

I couldn't come up with a witty or creative title for this thread...ideas are welcome haha.

This is a thread where you are free to come and express your anger, frustration, venting, questioning, praise, prayers and anything else in a safe space. We are all in different places in our TTC journey and in our faith as well. This is where you can come and find others who may be feeling similar to how you are in your walk of faith, and hopefully find some inspiration and peace. 

You do not have to be a Christian or believer to post/comment in this thread
. All are welcome (obviously, it's a public forum. But I felt the need to state this anyway).

I'm tagging those who expressed interest in participating in this thread, but please do NOT feel pressured to comment if you are tagged. And, if I didn't tag you and you'd like to join, please jump right in. I'm thinking we'll see how much activity this thread has and then decide whether to do monthly or weekly check-ins. Thoughts are welcome.
@KristoKekerooni @beachbunnyxo123 @vintageandrea90 @madspunk @hartmich @magnolia131


Do you have a verse that speaks to you or encourages you that you'd like to share?

How are you feeling in general (can be regarding your faith, or not)?

Do you have any praise or encouragement to share with others?

Any prayer requests?

GTKY: What was your upbringing like? - were you raised in the church?

Re: Prayers & Faith Check-In

  • @travelingcouple This thread looks great!!! thanks for putting it together! Will be back a little later, looking forward to commenting and seeing what others share!  <3
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  • @beachbunnyxo123 What's the name of that prayer book? I definitely want to buy it!

    @KristoKekerooni I think I'm in love with your acupuncturist. He sounds awesome! I've had acupuncture before but she definitely wasn't involved like that! It sounds like you have yourself a keeper.

    @LaurenEG14 6 months with no AF and spotting is hard. I've been there before. I'm glad you're body seems to be up and running now, and that the whole experience has led you to take better care of yourself. FX you keep O'ing.

    @icecubeinthedesert It's especially difficult when it's multiple areas of your life where you have too much on your plate! Hearing all the stories on this board puts me in awe of how strong the people here are.
  • @vintageandrea90 congrats on your job, that's awesome!!
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