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UO Thursday (3/23)

I don't have a cool gif but let it all out anyways!

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Re: UO Thursday (3/23)

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  • @catem07 I have to disagree with you about summer. 80-90 is my comfort zone. Hahaha. But I agree about Facebook photos. I'm running into problems with that now. I'm trying to write thank you notes for baby showers and there are a few people I don't know well and I can't remember if they came or if they just sent a gift. And on Facebook I can't look at their face to find out because it's their kid! Ugh! Not helpful! 
  • @shaunessa Oh hell no! hahaha! I make my kids "share" their snack with me. Its more of a "You know you are gonna give me one (some), right?!" HAHA
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    My grandparents called each other "mom" and "dad" and my mom used to always say to my dad "we will NEVER" do that! I'm not your mom" so I also think it's weird unless talking to the kid about their mom/dad! 
  • @smallanimal DH and I swore to each other before we had DS that we would NEVER do it. Now we do it all the time. It's mostly when we need the other one to something for DS like "Daddy will you get Thomas some juice" or "Momma can you take Thomas to the potty" I try not to it just comes out.

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  • I should have said i only really think it's weird when it's sexualized.. Doing it bc you're in front of kids is different.. Like calling your boyfriend/husband daddy at the bar in a I'm horny way makes me cringe and assume you have daddy issues. Saying it as "daddy will you get her a juice box" bc you're in front of the kids doesn't make me so judgey​.. my daughter does tend to call my husband by his name bc I don't really do that either though lol
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