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Old School Birth Announcements

Blueberry85Blueberry85 member
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Anyone planning on mailing out some old school, traditional birth announcements? If so, have you picked one out yet? If not, why not? Just curious  ;)
Me: 31 DH: 34
DD1 born 3.2014
DD2 born 4.2017

Re: Old School Birth Announcements

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    Somewhat related, is my hospital the only one that doesn't do pictures?
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    @pammasu0909 I don't know--they weren't mentioned during my birthing center tour so I'll ask during my preregistration appointment. But even if they do I doubt DH would fork over the money. Haha. 
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    We will do one. We did one with DS and I don't feel right not doing one with baby number 2. I don't have anything picked out yet, but we will hopefully be using photos from the hospital photographer.
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    Yes most likely we will. All of DHs family is 6-7 hours away so most of them won't see her for a few months. Our neighbor is going to hopefully snap a few photos once we get home to use. 
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