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MN for Elena

Looking for a MN for Elena ......EL-AYE-NUH.

The other girl name on our list is Mila Simone so I'd like a MN along the same lines as Simone...French/Sultry feeling.

I have not come up with anything DH like so I'm all ears!

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Re: MN for Elena

  • Elena Maxine
    Elena Roxanne
    Elena Yvonne
  • I. Uh. Sultry. 

    Elena Von Teese
    Elena tempest storm
    Elena Hari 
    Elena violet chachki


    But in all seriousness, I think Simone works well with Elena.  So I'd just keep the middle the same if you choose not to do Mila. Otherwise 

    Elena Yvette 
    Elena Margot
    Elena Maren 
    Elena Suzette
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  • Sultry seems like an odd descriptive for a name for your daughter? 

    Elena Clarice
    Elena Maureen
    Elena Jeanette
    Elena Josephine 
    Elena Josette

  • Elena Renee
    Elena Sigourney
    Elena Alexandrine
    Elena Mavis

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  • Elena Fréderique
    Elena Louise
    Elena Madeleine
    Elena Francine
    Elena Jacqueline
    Elena Renée

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  • Elena Claire
    Elena Josephine
    Elena Monroe
    Elena Juliette

  • I think Elena Simone sounds great together. 

  • I think Simone works. Also suggest Elena Celeste or Elena Rosalie
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