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10 Things Tuesday - 3/21

Okay, guys. Let's get this going.

What are 10 things you can be positive about today? Anything make you smile recently? Something coming up you're looking forward to? Just appreciating something great about your life? Things can be short or long, TTC-related or not, personal or global. The only rule is that is has to be something you can be happy about right now.


Re: 10 Things Tuesday - 3/21

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  • 1. Workout's done so I can watch my hockey game guilt-free tonight.
    2. Leftover Dove chocolate hearts from Valentines Day.
    3. Dinner's in the crockpot.
    4. The sun is shining.
    5. My skin is clear.
    6. Text messages with friends
    7. Midday quiet time where everyone is (finally) sleeping
    8. My new shoes were delivered today.
    9. Dry-cleaning delivery and Kroger Clicklist.
    10. Wearing flip-flops out to run quick errands today, because it's finally getting warm enough.
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  • 1.  My meeting with my OB today went great. Going to start some bloodwork next week to make sure things are working properly 
    2. The hubs is on daywork for two weeks. Which means I will actually see him each day after work which has me super happy 
    3. I meal prepped like a beast Sunday so I haven't had to think twice about lunch or dinner for the past two days. The next few should be covered as well! 
    4. Tomorrow is hump day! I'm already looking forward to tomorrow and being half way through the week 
    5. I was in bed before 10 last night, and might be tonight even after attempting to make a baby! 
    6. Hearing my husband putting my son to bed right now has me cheesing hard. Little dude is just loud and chatting away. He misses daddy when he's on night work and it's obvious how much he loves when he's home. 
    7. My weather app says it's going to be 71 on Saturday!!! 71! 
    8. Knowing how genuinely happy I am with life, no matter how bad the "one uppers" try to get ahead of me to make themselves feel better. 
    9. The hubs signed me up for flowers of the month. I just got tulips and they're amazing and make my house feel like spring! 
    10. My first stitch fix box is being delivered on Friday and I cannot wait!! I'm afraid I'll have my hopes way up and hate it all (I'm picky. This only because I am so plain and don't like most trendy stuff) but I'm really looking forward to it! 
  • 1. I'm getting a new engine put in my car for FREE!!!! Long story short, my car died on me yesterday, needed to be towed, and it turns out the engine block is cracked. But there's a known problem with cars with that engine (2008 Honda Civic) and if it was purchased less than 10 years ago, they'll cover it. 
    2. Now that they know what the problem is, they gave me a loaner car. It's a 2016 CRV. It's pretty nice and is a definite upgrade from the rental I got yesterday. It has heated seats!!
    3. Somehow H's schedule got changed, I think for someone in training, so he'll be done and home about 7 hours early tomorrow.
    4. I treated myself to tacos at a little place I used to go to that's close to the dealership which is close to my old apartment. It was delicious and the service was great all for less than $15 complete with a 30% tip.
    5. The sun was out today! It felt so good!
    6. My dog was super cute today doing hot laps when I came home to let him out for lunch.
    7.  I love having a smart phone. I waited until just a couple years ago to get one. It has made dealing with all of the car stuff so much easier. From looking up AAA because I didn't think I had my card with me to looking up the phone number for the dealership so I could get someone to come pick me up. It's so nice to be able to handle stuff so much easier.
    8. One annoying coworker is going to be out of the office for the rest of the week!
    9. I finally bit the bullet on acupuncture and made appointments for H and me. His is on Friday and mine is next Thursday. I'm really happy that H agreed to it. He's a little weirded out by it but I'm so happy he's willing to try it. Making appointments today felt like I was doing something.
    10. I finished the most recent season of Shameless tonight. It's such a good show. I'm so glad it's been renewed.

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