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Opinions Needed- Liana Pronunciation

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After much back and forth, my husband asked for a list of girl names I liked. I included about 6 and he picked Liana (my second favorite). I'm a little anxious about the name even though I picked it out. Is it too exotic? Will people mispronounce it? AHHH!!! This is such a big decision!

How would you pronounce Liana? 

Opinions Needed- Liana Pronunciation 83 votes

60% 50 votes
39% 33 votes

Just call me CC.  :)

Re: Opinions Needed- Liana Pronunciation

  • joforyogajoforyoga
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    I don't think the name Liana is at all exotic. Feels like a popular 80's name to me like Kristy or Mandy. I don't think people would mispronounce it. They would likely expect the spelling to be Leana but it totally easy to read either way. Your poll is a bit confusing though, are you comparing two different spellings or two different pronunciations? It looks like you are comparing the way you say it Leona or Leanna ?
  • For me, 1 N= "on" sound
    2 N's= "ann" sound 

    I've actually never heard of this name. Not too exotic sounding though. 
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    I agree there's some confusion with the poll question. I think you should list your one preferred spelling & then ask how people would pronounce it. Otherwise, the quick answer is: Either spelling could have either pronunciation and your poll wouldn't give you the definitive answer you are looking for.

    I read the choices as you've laid them out:
     Liana as "lee-ahn-uh" and
     Lianna as "lee-ann-uh"
     (because of the -anna).
  • I don't think it's exotic. It gets a little lost in the sea of Ana names for me. I kinda prefer it as a nn for something like Eliana or Juliana and would think most people would pronounce it as such.

  • I'm gonna be a bit of an ass and mention that using exotic in reference to names/people/cultures can be a bit problematic.

    But the name itself is fine, shouldn't be that big of a deal pronunciation wise, but do agree I prefer full versions  (Eliana,  Juliana, etc) with Liana as the nn.
  • I pronounce it more like "lee-ahhhh-na" 
  • I dont know this name, but I said Liana like Diana.......(Lie-anna)
  • I would pronounce is Lee-ah-nah.
    I agree with that being her nickname though and considering using Juliana or Eliana like PPs said. 
  • I think one n makes it Lee-ah-nah. If you want Ann-ah, you should double the n. I don't think it's too exotic/out there. Pretty name that shouldn't be too confusing.
  • Liana is Lee-ahn-a to me. Leanna is how I would spell for the Lee-Ann-a pronounciation 
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