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You Know You're Pregnant When...

We had one of these at the beginning of the first trimester, and I thought it might be fun to do it again now that our symptoms and bodies have started changing. :) 

So. You know you're pregnant when...

-you're starving but nothing sounds good.
-youe regular clothes are too small, but maternity clothes still look a little odd on you.
-your stop telling people irl your name options, because everyone has an opinion, and most of them are weird.

Tell me yours below!
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Re: You Know You're Pregnant When...

  • When u wanna beat up hubby for even thinking he could eat out of YOUR plate :smiley:
  • @mrsmarygs : the first one loooooooollllll
  • MrsJessS said:
    When you are impatiently waiting for that whole things get better in the second tri thing to kick in and instead feel worse. 
    Also when every little thing irritates you to no end so you are either angry or ready to sob at any given time. 
    You are my spirit animal
  • I second the "craving something, making it, and being averted to it once it is completed"  :s
  • When "cry about it" is a new saying at your house.
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  • When you're about to fall asleep waiting for your doctor to come into the room. 
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  • When you mean to hand DH a beer, but bc pregnancy brain, nearly give it to your toddler instead
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  • labby18 said:
    mrsmarygs said:
    @labby18 And that's when you start Bumping, lol.
    SHHHHH. This is why I know about the desktop version of The Bump and how I learned to GIF etc. I bump at work. I get sad when it gets dead around lunch time. 
    Haha! I drained my phone battery the first few days I was on TB. That's when I discovered the desktop version. Unfortunately my work blocks gifs, so if I really really want a gif, I have to search for it on my phone, copy the link, email it to myself, and then post it. Ugh.
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