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Anyone have any unique nicknames for Patricia? Other than the typical Patty, Trisha etc.? I heard Atty which I like but I feel like the spelling would be confusing/everyone would think it was a weird completely made up name

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  • Trish? Pat? 

    Atty seems weird to me but I guess you could use that.  

    You could do something with the initials like if her middle name was Jane, PJ? 
  • I think Atty is a stretch and very unnatural. The only other one I can think of is Rish. I worked with a girl a long time ago that used that

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  • Just came back to add maybe Patsy?
  • Patsy

  • Cia/Sia is the only other one I can think of.
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  • I would go with Patsy! Super cute and makes me think of Patsy Cline:) why not just call her Patricia though if you don't like the nn?
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