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Today is a Good Day!

What has you ladies saying today is a good day?

I got exciting news this morning. Apparently my work will reimburse me fully for the price of a BOB jogging stroller because it encourages moms to be more active and get fit post-partum. That is one pricey item I no longer have to worry about shelling out for. Score!

Re: Today is a Good Day!

  • @DPandMB congratulations on feeling LO move!! That's so sweet and exciting!
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  • @beccam1230 that is truly a win! DD has been going dry through the night for a couple months now. I am still scared to go diaperless at night. 
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  • @cmar1006 I was thinking that today... I'm not sure when to stop with the diapers at night, and I'm going to be afraid when he stops wearing them! But so awesome that your DD has been dry at night for so long!
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  • @cmar1006 Dawwww! She's adorable. Is it free all day everywhere??
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  • @mrsmarygs I think so! I know it is in my hometown in Virginia and in my current town in NJ and all over NYC. 
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  • @mrsmarygs it is here in WV as well

    @cchenal07 I dream of that carrot cake cookie!
  • @Sprite2012 me too! Weather, not baby girl (but congratulations on your baby girl!!) I love snow and at least in Colorado Springs, we didn't get much this winter. But this spring weather has been awesome! I can't argue with the temps in the 70's. I did hear Colorado was set to have a warm spring though!! So maybe we will get lucky this year and have a nice spring...
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  • @cmar1006 she is seriously the cutest! Her little face makes me happy :) 

    I love seeing everyone's happy things!
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  • @Sugargirl1019 both of those things are wonderful! Definitely two things to be happy about!
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  • After 3 weeks of waiting, we finally found out that my husband's CF carrier test came back negative! Woohoo!
    Oh that wait is wretched! My test took 2 weeks to come back, but H's test only took 5 days (and he was negative!)
  • Since this post was technically from yesterday, I had a big afternoon of spring break fun with DD. We went to Heifer headquarters and visited all the cute farm animals, had cheese bread at a pizza place with a friend I haven't seen in a while and her toddler, and then went to the children's museum and met Daniel Tiger. She was passed out on the way home, and I wasn't far behind.
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  • @jena333 That's amazing! I haven't even started a registry...
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