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  • @dragonette505 oh that sounds horrible!  I know it's for a good reason but so sorry you had to go through that!! And I hope the triggering goes well!!

    @Avrilmai one of the items high up on my bucket list is to hold a koala bear (I know it's not a bear but I used to have a stuffed animal when I was younger that I called Koala Bear so it's stuck)

    @kvacmak I'm glad is O is so kindly waiting for your H to return. Oh!  And that does make me feel a little better. Fingers crossed that I'm not that kind of special snowflake!!
  • @SoldiersMom & @Cricket648 I'm with you on the painting the bathroom, our master bathroom has had test spots from the samples for about 5 months now, we just can't seem to decide if we like any of them or if we want to try a 4th option. Congrats on getting it done!
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  • @purplg8r I'm sorry your doc has you stressing out so much. Cysts are super common, torsion is not. Yes it can happen but it is absolutely worst case scenario. Hugs and hang in there
    @dragonette505 GL!!!!

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  • purplg8r WTH I am so sorry you have to deal with that. I did have a cyst on my left ovary and it took care of itself (I never knew if that means it ruptured but regardless it isn’t there now and it was)… Obviously, I didn’t have pain because I didn’t even know it had left! I think it is very rare to have the ovary twist around it, so the doctor probably just told you about the ER for worst case situation. I hope you are okay! Sorry for all of the added stress L  Mine did not hurt when I pressed down but it was tender around O time.

    Avrilmai Ugh to your MIL.  Not appropriate. 

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  • @purplg8r I did that last year! Apparently in Australia it is only legal to hold koalas in Queensland. It was a cool experience, but I would say the Koalas in the wild trip we did in Melbourne was the best way to see them. We went with a guide who has a masters in Zoology and found Koalas up in trees in a wildlife reserve. It was great to see and hear the facts about them from someone with so much respect, passion and knowledge about Koalas. 
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    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 
  • @Avrilmai  I personally liked to be the one to deliver the news to my inlaws when they ask about us having kids. I tell them that we're not having anymore-their expression is priceless! Try it some time, I promise you won't be disappointed! 
    Just make up some bullshit, sit back, and enjoy 

    @dragonette505 good luck!! 

    @purplg8r I'm sorry, I'm no help regarding experiencing pain
  • @katieEl - I don't know if I'm doing it right...but I only put in the first day.  FF then automatically marks the next day as O day, so I just let it go.  

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  • @wabash15 @EmilyLove25

    @Avrilmai I am so so so jealous!!!!

    @Camomile ouch about the ER bill!!!  Hopefully insurance just made a mistake!!

    @CandyApple2012 right about my dr being annoyed?  I plan to mention to her that I'm not happy that she didn't listen when I asked for one starting on Tuesday.  And so glad you liked the preseed. It's definitely helpful when somethings needed quick lol
  • Yay @dragonette505!!!!!  Being able to gif on here is the absolute best!!!
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  • kvacmak     yay for O waiting for DH returning. B vitamins can cause an O delay... I started some months and months ago and had a long cycle (maybe 3 extra days)  PS I love giraffes too! 
    justkeepswimming8  That panda!!
    Avrilmai      My fave koala pic is...
      I think there isn't an animal I don't love.... 

  • @justkeepswimming8 say what?? A cyst can have teeth and hair??? The picture in my mind is horrifying. Totally gonna go google this now
  • @purplg8r - yes it can! the surgeon split mine open and a bunch of black hair fell out. It sounds disgusting! The pathology report said there was respiratory tissue in it too. Apparently its just a bunch of cells that you had from birth and they start to grow during child bearing age.

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  • Thanks for the painting kudos everyone :) you're like my home improvement cheerleading squad! LOL
    @AvrilMai we had so many sample shades of grey/blue on our wall it started to look like the camo that the navy wears. Eventually one "popped". You'll find it!
    @KatieEl Bless you! I tried a chevron wall for my very first painting project two years ago. It was the devil. Needless to say, I did not get past taping. I bow down!
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  • purplg8r said:
    @justkeepswimming8 say what?? A cyst can have teeth and hair??? The picture in my mind is horrifying. Totally gonna go google this now

  • @Starla ;  It really does :) :) :)

  • @purplg8r Thanks, my ovaries are being so patient haha
    @Camomile I'm pretty sure AF blood doesn't make a difference, if you're fertile, you're fertile.
    @justkeepswimming8 I have been following April... I've decided in my *very* educated giraffe opinion that she must not be in labour, just due. I think they're just hyping it for attention. The zoo is making a shit tonne of money off donations from their live feed. 
    @KatieEl Yay for O! Aren't you glad you persisted?
    @TigerCakes So glad your OB is being awesome! 
    @CandyApple2012 We use pre-seed as our 'everyday' lube when needed, I'd agree with your sentiments :P
    @dragonette505 Yea I had read that! Except a longer than usual cycle is going to make it SOOO hard to hold out on testing when the time comes lol. At least it will be expected though, with tracking and knowing with fairly good precision when O is. 

    Thanks everyone for all the positive comments :)

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  • @CandyApple2012 Truth. The charts in TCOYF are so beautiful. Sooo not real life. 
    @KatieEl Otters are my favorite thing! Soo cute!
    @Avrilmai Same on the test spots thing! Also, we have this awful boarder with dolphins and manatees on it. I think the previous owners must have super glued it to the wall, because the only thing that gets off the adhesive is pure acetone. So we've been slowly removing it for months. Our bathroom looks like a hot mess currently. 
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  • @purplg8r and @justkeepswimming8, that kind of cyst is usually called a teratoma, which is essentially a benign tumor derived from a germ cell (the oocyte). People can live with them without ever knowing they have them. It happens because germ cells are essentially stem cells that can differentiate into any cell type in the body. Something goes wrong and you get a frankentumor. (I work in this general field of research). 

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