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AMA 35+ checkin 3/19

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Intro if you're new!

1) how far along are you?

2) any appointments this week?

3) how are you feeling. Gripes/concerns/gloats?

GTKY: do you have any pets? 

Re: AMA 35+ checkin 3/19

  • Thanks for taking this over @Hopefulmommy1980

    1) how far along are you? 16+1

    2) any appointments this week? No, not until 4/6

    3) how are you feeling. Gripes/concerns/gloats? I want to scream from these daily headaches!! I also can't take any of the prenatals I bought b/c they all have this smell that's bothering me. It's become a mental thing. I was taking them with chocolate milk, but ended up spitting my milk out all over the kitchen trying to get it down. Ugh. I'm going to try some chewies.

    GTKY: do you have any pets? We have a dog, almost 5. I grew up with a dog - died at 16 yrs - and she was the best. I wanted our kids to grow up with a dog too, but I really haven't been such a dog person since having kids.
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  • 1) how far along are you? 12w6

    2) any appointments this week? Not this week.  Next one is 3/31

    3) how are you feeling. Gripes/concerns/gloats? Still really tired. I took a two hour nap today and it was great!!!! 

    GTKY: do you have any pets? We have three dogs and a cat.  One dog is mine that I have had since before I met dh. She is my girl and cuddle buddy. The other two dogs are more attached to dh. Meow the cat does her own thing and occasionally depends attention. 
  • @Hopefulmommy1980 Is your cat's name literally "Meow"? I love it!!

    1) How far along are you? 16+2

    2) Appointments this week? Not this week :(

    3) How are you feeling? Better than I have been, but still tired and having lots of aches and pains.

    4) Do you have any pets? 4 cats!! I love them all!

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  • Yep her name is meow ;)

  • 1) how far along are you?

    2) any appointments this week?
    I have my NT on Friday morning and I'm going to try and reschedule my Panorama blood draw for Tuesday.

    3) how are you feeling. Gripes/concerns/gloats?
    After being crazy sick in ER, I'm feeling more tolerant of general symptoms. Still holding off on going public until our test results come back.

    GTKY: do you have any pets?
    We have too rescue dogs, Gunner and Cola(who came from Taiwan) and a rescue cat, Leo. Three is plenty.
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    Intro if you're new!
    Not new, but haven't been very active the last few weeks. I am 35 (36 when #2 is born), from Toronto, with a 16-month old DS.

    1) how far along are you?
    16w tomorrow!

    2) any appointments this week?
    My 16 week appt on Wed.

    3) how are you feeling. Gripes/concerns/gloats?
    Shoulder blade area was debilitatingly sore for a few days (finally starting to feel some relief today!). I was starting to think it was maybe a pinched nerve. Pretty sure it's not pregnancy related, but my reluctance to take pain meds certainly was.

    GTKY: do you have any pets? 
    Yes, a germa shephard and a cat. The cat is clearly the alpha.
  • @Daisy621 I can relate on the pets. We love our family pets, but everything changed after baby and they aren't our focus anymore. I feel bad about it sometimes, but then I realize they are still happy.
  • Happy Monday Morning Ladies!

    1) how far along are you? 12 weeks 5 days

    2) any appointments this week? nope...none again until 4/14 for an ultrasound.

    3) how are you feeling. Gripes/concerns/gloats? My heartburn has been kicking up even more than it has the past 12 weeks...making me cautious about food and sleep a bit crazy. Also I am super stuffed up. I am usually a nose breather at night and somehow turning into a mouth breather...which is making me slightly miserable because of how dry my mouth gets at night. My nipples have been having this super sharp pain every so often when I think they get bumped wrong or rubbed via a shirt to much. 

    I am also fairly sleepy. I had been concerned about our little eggo being we hadn't heard her in a few weeks (or seen her since we graduated from our RE) but we heard her last week and that helps me feel better. 

    Otherwise feeling pretty good. Went from being head first into baby life names, getting stuff to a big lull at this point. Hard to believe we are almost 3 months pregnant. 

    GTKY: do you have any pets? Yep! 1 little dog...she is 11 years old.
    Me: 37 DH: 32 TTGP Since 2014 INFERTILITY INFO (Medicated, IUI's, IVF/FET) IN SPOILER
    October 2014-April 2015: Without Medication or Doctor Guidance No Periods/No O BFN 
    Medicated April-December 2015: Clomid (didn't work) and so we tried Femera/Letrozole. Progesterone Met 1000 Not diagnosed PCOS but treating the same. Anovulatory. TI No US No O BFN 

    - TW - 
    January 2016-October 2016: Letrozole 2.5mg-7.5 mg, Pregyl or Ovideral Trigger Shot.
    9 cycles of IUI
    (7 Cancelled due to no mature follicles) (2 attempted IUI's with mature follicles)  

    IUI # 2 June 2016 and July 2016:  Met 1000, Estrogen (21 days), Progesterone (5 days) Femera 5m 6/28/16 Ultrasound CD14 = 25 follie. Pregnyl Trigger CD14 IUI 7/13 1stBeta (DPO 15): 7.6 (Surprise BFP...but Low #'s) 2ndBeta (DPO 17): 18 3rdBeta (DPO 19) 52.8 Progesterone Prescribed (spotting) 4thBeta (DPO 26) 6.9 Chemical Pregnancy BFN

    IVF and FET (diagnosed with PCOS) 204 pounds at start of IVF
    IVF # 1 October and November 2016: CCRM - Minneapolis 10/14 Consult and CD 3 testing, 10/14 started (OCP Antagonist - BCP) BCP, 10/21 1 day work up, Doxycycline 100mg 10 days, 10/24 stop bcp, Bloodwork US 10/29, 10/30-11/8 Stims 2 vials of Menopur, Dexamethasone, 225 of Gonal-F daily (dropped to 120). CCRM Vitamin Cocktail (like 20 of them), Monitoring (11/2, 11/4, 11/5, 11/6, 11/7, 11/8), Retrieval 11/10 (38 eggs, 30 mature, 16 fertilized ICSI), 11/16 8 Blasts 11/30 CCS testing results 3 Normal 5aa's (2 boys and 1 girl) 1 Unknown 4 Abnormal (All girls) 

    Fet #1 January 2017: CCRM - Minneapolis bcp/lupron/suppository/p4 in oil QOD AF 12/7, 12/8 start meds. 1/3 lining and blood work check 14/15 mm, BW check 1/6. 1/9 transfer with acupuncture 1 CCS/PGS Normal 5aa hatching Progesterone around 26ish? Lower estrogen level 207 (wanted above 300 but over 200 was acceptable), started 1 estrace, progesterone in oil every other day, vivelle dot patches 4 every other day, 3x estrodiol daily, vitamin cocktail. POAS: - 4dp5dt and 5dp5dt, 6dp5dt frer very very very faint line. 7dp5dt and 8dp5dt + on Accuclear. 8dp5dt pregnant on a clear blue easy digital. 214 pounds at FET
    1/18 #1 Beta 91.1
    1/20 #2 Beta 215.9
    2/3 6 week US 2 sacs? Twins? but only 1 heartbeat/pole good heartbeat Stopped taking baby asprin Added in DHEA Veg Vitamin (also got the report that they transferred a girl 5aa eggo) 
    2/10 7 week US 2 sacs (likely vanishing twin) only 1 heartbeat/pole etc good heartbeat 137
    2/24 9 week US 1 eggo sac good heart beat 182 1 very small fluid sac (shrinking) 
    2/24 9 week 2 days start weening. Graduated from RE (CCRM is now starting weening as soon as 8.5 weeks)
    3/7 10 Weeks 5 days  weened completely of FET meds A1C 5.3% (Normal)
    3/9 11 Weeks 1 day my progesterone level was 15 and my estrogen level was 881 (I freaked out!)
    3/16 12 Weeks 1 day baby heard on doppler 164 HB
    4/14 16 week 2 days Ultrasound baby is looking good with all good numbers sized 17 weeks. Also got to hear her on the doppler for a few mins too. 

    5/5 19 Weeks 2 days going in for "20" week anatomy ultrasound got measurements but need to come back as wasn't able to get all the measurements
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 4.6 cm 19 weeks 6 days* (78%) HC 17.0 cm 19 weeks 4 days* (70%) AC 14.5 cm 19 weeks 4 days* (69%) Femur 3.1 cm 19 weeks 6 days* (63%) Humerus 3.1 cm 20 weeks 2 days (84%) Cerebellum 2.0 cm 19 weeks 5 days
    CisternaMagna 6.2 mm Nuchal Fold 4.5 mm
    HC/AC 1.17 FL/AC 0.22 FL/BPD 0.68 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 309 grams - 0 lbs 11 oz
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 19 weeks 5 days +/- 10 days.

    6/9 24 Weeks 2 days Glucose Test 1 hour (Failed) 190
    6/16 25 Weeks 2 days Ultrasound and 1st Baby Shower 
    6/20 25 Weeks 6 days Glucose Test 3 Hours (Failed) 95 (95), 183 (180), 213 (155), 198 (140) etc
    6/21 26 Weeks Recommended to a perintologist
    6/22 26 Weeks 1 day start monitoring blood sugar levels 
    6/30 27 Weeks 2 day A1 (blood sugar test ordered)

    7/5 28 Weeks Echo and 3d Ultrasound
    AMNIOTIC FLUID Q1: 2.6 Q2: 3.2 Q3: 4.8 Q4: 5.6 AFI Total = 16.3 cm Amniotic Fluid: Normal 
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 7.2 cm 28 weeks 5 days* (60%) HC 26.4 cm 28 weeks 4 days* (48%) AC 23.3 cm 27 weeks 4 days* (36%) Femur 5.2 cm 28 weeks 0 days* (36%) Humerus 4.8 cm 28 weeks 0 days (49%)
    HC/AC 1.13 FL/AC 0.23 FL/BPD 0.73 Ceph Index 0.77 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 1142 grams - 2 lbs 8 oz (37%)
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 28 weeks 1 day +/- 14 days.

    7/10 28 Weeks 5 days Dietitian Appt and Lactatcian Consultant and A1 blood draw 5.4% (normal) 218.5 pounds
    7/20 30 Weeks GD consult. 6 Lantus at 7pm daily. Novolog 1 unit for every 15 gm carbohydrate if consumed more than 30 gm at brkfst or 60 gm at lunch or supper 215.6 pounds
    7/20 30 Weeks Transferred care to OB due to high risk. 216 pounds

    8/2 32 Weeks Ultrasound (not cooperative and still breech) and then weekly NST's
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 8.0 cm 32 weeks 2 days* (44%) HC 29.2 cm 31 weeks 6 days* (22%) AC 26.9 cm 31 weeks 0 days* (24%)  Femur 6.3 cm 32 weeks 2 days* (57%) Humerus 5.7 cm 32 weeks 6 days (71%)
    HC/AC 1.08 FL/AC 0.23 FL/BPD 0.78 Ceph Index 0.78 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 1808 grams - 3 lbs 15 oz (29%)
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 31 weeks 6 days +/- 18 days.
    AMNIOTIC FLUID Q1: 3.4 Q2: 2.9 Q3: 2.9 Q4: 4.4 AFI Total = 13.6 cm Amniotic Fluid: Normal

    8/8 32w6d upped to 1:10 for dinner 
    8/11 Baby Shower
    8/13 Baby Shower
    8/16 34 weeks NST good reading Upped to 8 at bed for fasting and 1:7 for dinner 
    8/18 Dr Appt

    8/24 35 weeks 1 day (was suppose to be scheduled for 36 weeks) Weeks Ultrasound/GD Dr Appt/OB Appt 
    Frank Breech
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 8.9 cm 35 weeks 6 days* (67%) HC 31.7 cm 35 weeks 1 day * (35%) AC 30.2 cm 34 weeks 2 days* (33%) Femur 6.9 cm 34 weeks 6 days* (57%) Humerus 6.0 cm 34 weeks 6 days (64%)
    HC/AC 1.05 FL/AC 0.23 FL/BPD 0.78 Ceph Index 0.80 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 2494 grams - 5 lbs 8 oz (39%)
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 35 weeks 1 day +/- 21 days.
    AMNIOTIC FLUID Q1: 3.3 Q2: 3.8 Q3: 2.4 Q4: 3.8 AFI Total = 13.4 cm Amniotic Fluid: Normal

    8/31 36 Weeks
    9/7 37 Weeks
    9/10 Water broke...I got it tested at the emergency room it it showed it was negative. More water breaking and didn't go to the dr.
    9/11 37 weeks 4 days Called the Dr and got retested for water breaking...
    10:30pmish Baby Girl Born via Emergency C Section (Frank Breech Baby) 6lbs 3oz 
    9/13 38 weeks

    9/22 39 Weeks 2 days C Section Scheduled for 10am (arrive at 8am) Equinox/Solstice
    EDD 9/27
  • @Rhubarb7216 hope the shower works out with your sisters!  It's tricky being the guest of don't want to seem ungrateful, but you also want the party to reflect your wishes.  

    @SquattingGryphon your fur babies are too cute!!

    From Tejas and eatting all the tex mex these days.

    1) how far along are you? 15+3

    2) any appointments this week? Not until 4/5

    3) how are you feeling. Gripes/concerns/gloats?  I could complain for pages of typing...but had a nice cry it out  head-to-toe maladies vent with my cousin who is like my sisters, so I'm feeling mentally stronger/better.  This hasn't been easy and most people don't really want to hear that when they ask, they negate it or say 'it will get better'...I thought it would when I hit the 2nd tri and I think that hope being crushed really took a toll when I didn't feel better, so it's not helpful.  Hang in there everyone!!!   

    GTKY: do you have any pets? I have a rescue dog, weenie dog mix who's almost 14.  She's my Bella dog and has been super protective since before I poas.  Before pregnancy she liked to lay on the couch next to me under her snuggle blanket, now she's got to be touching me and prefers laying right in the middle of my belly.  I swear she hears him in there!  Our Wiemar, Jada passed away last year from twisted stomach and I want another dog but know now is not a great time for that.
  • 1) how far along are you?

    13 weeks, 1 day

    2) any appointments this week?

    Nope, nothing until mid-April. But we should (hopefully) get the results of the genetics testing back this week.

    3) how are you feeling. Gripes/concerns/gloats?

    Every time I think I've turned the corner, I fall back into a cycle of being exhausted/sleeping more/eating less/being nauseous. Nothing I can't handle, just frustrating!

    GTKY: do you have any pets? 

    Nope, I've never been an animal person and joked the next living thing that moved into our house would be a baby!
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  • 1) how far along are you? 16+3

    2) any appointments this week? Yes on wednesday. Just my 16 week appointment but hoping they schedule my 20 week ultrasound then.

    3) how are you feeling. Gripes/concerns/gloats? I'm still never hungry which is slightly concerning. Most of my morning sickness has passed but I still don't feel hungry. It's weird. 

    GTKY: do you have pets? Not anymore unfortunately. We used to have two pugs but when we moved back home and half way across the world, we felt they would be better off left with family. It was hard on them flying them over the first time and they were getting old. Boy do I miss them. 
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  • Intro if you're new!

    1) how far along are you? 13wka 6days

    2) any appointments this week? No

    3) how are you feeling. Gripes/concerns/gloats?frustrated, hunger and unsatisfied 

    GTKY: do you have any pets? No

  • I guess I can join the cool group now since I turned 35 on Friday. Yay for being old and crusty!

    1) how far along are you? 14w

    2) any appointments this week? No, but my blood test results should be back this week. It's weirding me out that I will know the sex so soon this time.

    3) how are you feeling. Gripes/concerns/gloats? Better but still so, so tired. DH had foot surgery last week and he's got one of those fun knee scooters for the next 3 MONTHS so he basically can't do anything. Taking care of him and a toddler is super hard, especially since I'm used to him helping out a lot with cooking. We're eating horribly, and I haven't had any appetite this pregnancy anyway, so it's basically frozen pizza and macaroni. I just don't have time or energy to cook on days I have to work. I hope little fetus is OK. I've hardly gained any weight, which is way different from last time around. On the plus side, DH gave me a gift certificate for a massage for Valentine's Day and I finally got to use it yesterday.

    GTKY: do you have any pets? Currently we're down to a geriatric cat and a dog that's not too far behind. Luckily they're both great with our toddler.

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  • Welcome @Rena579 and @hatrats ...I'm most definitely internet stalking hatrats today since I just tagged you in the carseat and diaper bag post.  

    I had an extra blood draw today to test my iron, thyroid, b12 and platelets (slightly high first blood draw) to make sure my ridiculous and unending tiredness is normal.  Hoping all is well, but also hoping it's something easy to fix like adding more b12 vitamin and I do feel better.  These OB docs and nurses are awesome, glad mine is taking extra precautions.

    Hope everyone is well!!
  • @IsItTacoTuesday thanks for the shoutout.....i had those blood test done a few weeks ago and I find out that my iron is very low....and I have to now have iron infusion. Epiphany .....realizing that  alot of my symptoms could be anemia related and not preggo related. I hope the infusions help my energy level sucks 
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