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GTKY: Sentimental Jewelry

Tell (or show!) us about your sentimental jewelry. It could be something handed down through family, wedding rings, or just has a special meaning to you! 

**Bonus points for pictures and feel free to share more than 1 if you have it.

Re: GTKY: Sentimental Jewelry

  • @michelle04us I'm so sorry it was stolen! It will be so fun and special to get one in Ireland though!!

    @SaphireSweetie88 ; <3 I love family rings!! Can't wait to see a pic! 
  • Oh wow I love this for a thread!   
    The two most sentimental pieces of jewelry that I own are: 

    This was my paternal grandmother's ring.  I don't  know what kind of stones the green ones are, but I absolutely love this ring and I wear it all of the time.   

    This is a tiny heart necklace by Roberto Coin.  My ex who passed away got it for me many years ago, and I'm really glad I kept it.     I don't wear it because it is from an ex but I'm so happy I still have it.  

  • @ktewart I need to get one of those... you saved me the trouble of looking up the coordinates, haha.  What a neat idea!
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  • that ring is gorgeous, @rae1

    i love my rings but i'm not much of a jewelry person. i love the name plate necklace dh gave me the first mother's day after dd was born - i do wear that everyday, even after 5 years!
  • For Christmas this year, a coworker gave me a bracelet with a quote from the author who DS is named after. It was so sweet!

    Not my most sentimental, but the most recent and "out of the box."
  • @LuLiLaEv this may be a stupid question but is the stone made from your actual breastmilk? I have never heard of a breastmilk ring before.

    I'm not good with jewelry, much to my husband's dismay (I may or may not have misplaced he first necklace he bought me for our first Christmas together). I need a good jewelry box! The only thing I wear consistently now is my engagement ring and wedding band. Everything else I put away so I don't lose it. 

    I do have one familial piece, my grandma's wedding band, which has her initials engraved on the inside. My mom is keeping it for me now (because I didn't want to lose that too). Her mom gave it to her, her youngest daughter, and my mom gave it to me, as I'm her youngest daughter. It's nice because most things get passed on to the oldest. 

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  • @manillabar Yes! The company I ordered it from does a bunch of inclusions, one is breastmilk, I know a girl who did her sons first curl, ashes etc and they I corporate it into the piece. You can pick any piece of jewelry, and add tinting or flecks. (Mine is gold tinted with gold flecks) The picture doesn't do it justice, they're so pretty and no one knows by looking at it what it is.
  • @Xath that is absolutely precious. 
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  • This is my engagement ring, but I hardly ever wear it anymore... It needs to be resized and isn't very comfortable with a band.

    The top band is my actual wedding band, which I rarely wear bc the bottom $20 tungsten band is more comfortable! 

    And yes I know I need a fill! Lol
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  • I love all these stories! 

    I have a bracelet that was my late grandmothers and then my parents gave me a very pretty ring for college graduation that I love! I will also say my engagement ring and wedding ring just because they mean so much to me, my husband did a great job picking them out. I will have to look for some photos! 

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  • @GlitterFish your engagement ring is beautiful! 

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  • @caribbeanmama lol it's ok I thought I was crazy too! I almost didn't ask but I needed to know 

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  • These are all beautiful stories! @caribbeanmama your necklace sounds so precious--reading about it actually made me tear up a little. 

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is my grandma's wedding ring. After she died, my mom and I discovered that it was a perfect fit for my ring finger. When I took it in to get cleaned, my jeweler discovered that it had etchings that had faded away. He was able to recover most of them, and he replaced the shattered rubies with pink sapphires (my grandma's favorite color). Don't mind my extra swollen finger!

  • I don't wear much jewelry other than my engagement ring and wedding band.  DH and I had been together for almost 2.5 years when we got engaged.  We were still in the process of getting his divorce finalized so I thought that our engagement was a ways off when he proposed.  DH picked my e-ring out by himself.  He had my best friend do some 'investigating' to find out what I wanted for my e-ring.  It was the second ring that he looked at and he got it 3 months before he proposed!  When he proposed I was so shocked he had to ask me twice if I would marry him! 

    When we went to pick out our bands, I really loved the idea of having matching wedding bands (my grandparents were married for 58 years and had matching white gold bands). I also really loved my e-ring and didn't want to add more to it that a wedding band would take away from it.  These fit together perfectly. 

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  • @michelle04us my sentimental jewelry is also a claddagh (although it's nowhere near as fancy or beautiful as yours). It was a gift from my grandmother when I was around 10 and I never take it off because it reminds me that she's always with me. I remember I had extreme swelling after an injury one day and the hospital tried to cut it off and I lost my mind. It still has a ding in the back where they tried to cut it. 

    The funny thing is we're not Irish. (Or at least I thought we weren't until I got my ancestry DNA results which revealed I am 25% Irish.) I guess that's where I get my freckles. Now the ring makes even more sense to me...even though I still wear it on my right hand. 
  • @Clio I love that sentiment.
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