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Calling all lurkers!

So let's be honest. New people aren't always welcomed with open arms around here when they just jump into a thread. But it seems a lot of new or previously inactive people have popped up this week! So, if you're a not-so-active member and want to change that without facing the "and you are??" responses, here's your chance! Intro (or re-intro) here. We want a chance to get to know you!

Re: Calling all lurkers!

  • @tripledaggerWed95976 - I was wondering what happened to you! Glad you decided to re-intro
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  • @tripledaggerWed95976 I remember your story! You were almost a 2u1 mom like me so your story stuck out to me. When you stopped posting I was hoping something hadn't happened. Glad you are still here.
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  • Missed you too @BabyBump2
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  • @MamaRN13 It's often the same for me. I work all day and i'm in a later time-zone, so I usually miss all the action. Sometimes I feel like the peanut gallery posting later in the evening, but it's fun to participate nonetheless. Hope to see ya around more. 
  • @MamaRN13 It's often the same for me. I work all day and i'm in a later time-zone, so I usually miss all the action. Sometimes I feel like the peanut gallery posting later in the evening, but it's fun to participate nonetheless. Hope to see ya around more. 
    I have this problem too.  I try not to reply to more than a couple threads when I'm bumping later because then I'm the girl that replied to everything and I think it's weird.
  • @abmommy15
    I agree, it's weird when I see my username next to all the threads I've replied to in a column! And then it stays like that for awhile because no one else is posting! Lol.
  • @abmommy15 @Dovahkiin_99 (formerly Wee Bit Terrified) i'm so that person too - west coast, work all day, comment all night. 

  • @abmommy15  @Dovahkiin_99 (formerly Wee Bit Terrified)  @satsumasandlemons

    I usually leave all my comments at the same time, when I get home from school. Maybe I should have, but I've never felt it was weird (but I have missed some serious drama). I don't think I even pay attention to when people post...more interested in what they have to say. We're all over the world here, so I wouldn't be concerned.  I will say that's it is hard when you feel like you're the only one logged in for hours (or days!), so I totally get that.  I'm selfishly hoping this thread will help with our weekend activity level...
  • @Potterphile Youre not alone. Im very much a tough it out,I can do anything kind of person, but pregnancy has really knocked me down and humbled me. I just do not respond well to hormones, and there are obvious limitations that come with being pregnant. I also dont want to seem ungrateful, especially considering the other moms on here who are/have been dealing with such serious complications. Up to now, it was really easy to get pregnant and I've had a fairly text book, no complications pregnancy which I am so grateful for. But being sick until 22 weeks, pregnant is not exactly my favorite state of being. 
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  • rjoys8 said:
    Hi! I'm  a FTM in South Carolina, and I've been lurking the past month or so after getting over nausea that kept me off screens for a while (started taking an anti-nausea, which has helped a lot!). I'm a marine bio masters student, just trying to finish up data and write/defend my thesis before this baby arrives. We have an older dog and two cats, and enjoy doing outdoorsy things. 

    I'm 23 weeks today, due July 16. My mom was 2.5 weeks late with all her babies, so I'm a little worried I'll be the same way. We are moving overseas shortly after the birth (I'll be joining husband as soon as baby has a passport), so we have to ship most of our baby stuff in June, and take the rest in suitcases. We don't have any family in the area, but my mom is planning to fly over with me.

    We are attempting a natural birth center birth with a doula, and just signed up for a hypnobabies course. If you told me 10 years ago that someday I'd be taking a "hypnosis class" I would have laughed in your face, but I guess it seems more like training yourself to zone out? We're also trying to do the eco-friendly/low-toxin thing. As a FTM I'm aware that this might all change once I actually have a new human being on my hands, but that's the plan for now! 

    I'm hoping to post a fair amount in the future! 
    I did hypnobirthing with my son almost two years ago and plan to do it again! Such an incredible experience!!! 
  • @AdaByron Thank you again for this thread. I appreciate that this all arose because of lurkers popping up after the AE discussion, but instead of letting things be weird, you turned into an inviting and inclusive thing - which is what I like about this group :) 
    Well put! Thank you--we definitely appreciate the opportunity for a freshish start :) 

    @nktrodden826 that is so good to hear! I don't know anyone who's done hypnobabies, and everyone I mention it to thinks it sounds pretty weird. I'm glad to hear a rave review from a real person!
  • @rjoys8 those people were my biggest motivation! The naysayers, ya know the ones that said "yeah well we'll see when you get to 3cm dilated" were in my head the whole time- I couldn't let them be right! You can absolutely do this! If you have any questions let me know!! 
  • @nktrodden826 I definitely will, thank you! Our first class isn't for another month but I'm looking forward to it :) 
  • This post is funny, thanks for starting. I don't necessarily think luriking is a bad thing, I'll be honest and say I don't plan on posting more than I have, that's about my contribution comfort level and like lots of other girls mentioned, I'm freakin busy. To be considered a "regular" is quite a commitment, some of you girls are on it! But I enjoy the topics and commentary and I like to see when people are going thru similar things.  I like to see the good news after some scary news and I always say a little prayer for those of us who have pregnancy challenges. So even thou I don't post, I'm a silent cheerleader, hoping we all make it to the end with happy healthy babies, that's what we all want.  So no offense, but I'll be holding on to my lurker status, maybe I can upgrade to minimal contributor
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  • @shanana1234567 not sure why you bothered posting...  Should have just kept your status....
  • I'm excited and glad to see so many that want to be more involved. I look forward to getting to know you ladies more!

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