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I hope it's alright to start this as a topic - I know it kind of falls under symptoms, but I wanted to talk specifically about unbridled, irrational anger.

Is anybody else feeling this???!?! I'm not sad, or weepy, or sentimental. NOPE. I am full of anger and rage, mood swings the likes of which I have never experienced. I'm sure fatigue and just feeling all-around crummy is a contributing factor, but I am just pissed off at everything - being pregnant, my husband, my job, my coworkers, people who leave dumb comments on my FB posts that don't contribute anything, etc. Has anyone else ever experienced this/is anyone else experiencing this? Oh god please tell me it passes. 
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Re: Pregnancy RAAAAAAAGE

  • OH MY GOD YES.  I am so furious at everyone and everything right now.  I blame the hormones and I'm sure it'll pass, but right now, yikes.  Steer clear, world.
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  • @Tourmalily I am a hot mess all together and have got very ragey lately....but not sure if I can chalk it up to pregnancy given how early I am or just exhaustion/stress. I hope it doesn't last long for you or that you can find a way to calm it down!

    Sorry this is my DD rant for the day.

    I am feeling all kinds of ragey right now. This morning did not start well at all. I am operating off of a few hours of sleep and I woke up to an email from a parent that has been continuously threatening staff members and teachers since last Fall. I had responded to him yesterday that we could talk in person to discuss his concerns. His email this morning was a tirade about bureaucracy of the system, us failing his family and that he is taking this above me (i.e., our district authorizer).

    I am so over this crap and in a ragey/exhausted mood. So I called him up about 15 minutes ago and left a message that I will not tolerate this kind of behavior towards me or our staff. He can either come in and have an adult conversation or this issue is done. I was professional, but he will probably pick up that I was seething at the time. Not my best moment by any means.
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  • I find it pretty infuriating when someone forgets that their wedding isn't the only life event to ever happen.

    I have recently mostly parted ways with a very very close friend over her wedding.  Long story short, she wanted me to be at her elopement (not even inviting her parents) but didn't want me to bring my fiance to help me take care of my special needs kid while I waited on her hand and foot.  Then when after months of drama, we finally got a closing date on our new house, it happened to be the same weekend.  Because we'd missed deadlines before due to the contingency we had in place (selling FI's house), the sellers weren't willing to move settlement.  My friend wasn't exactly moving mountains to be helpful to me (there's so much more backstory, for instance, I was required to be at this elopement but couldn't stay at the same B&B as her because the one she chose doesn't allow kids.  You can't accommodate your ONE AND ONLY GUEST in a hotel that will allow them to actually stay there???) so I wasn't about to rearrange my whole life for her.  I have to be at the closing of my house, and honestly, I care more about my home than I do about her second elopement wedding.

    Soooo yeah, we're really not speaking right now.  But it showed me a lot about our friendship, and I don't think I'm too motivated to try to fix things.
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  • Yes!!! And it comes on out of nowhere...and I have literally no control over it. 

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  • I've definitely had this. It was worse last week, before the morning sickness set in. I had a hard time not taking it out on DS and the poor dog because they were usually the instigators (by just doing what children and dogs do). But now I'm much more likely to feel too depressed to get worked up. It's not a great alternative. 

  • @pawcall weddings are a big deal and I totally get that. But so is starting a family and you can't be upset that people aren't planning their personal lives around yours. I can't believe your friend wouldn't let your fiancé come help with your child and that she picked a B&B that doesn't allow kids!! If you want someone at your wedding you have to make it reasonable for them to attend. Ugh. I do really love my friend and this won't be something that ends our friendship, she's just being a TW right now. Maybe once more people know she'll be less of one, idk. Her fiancé on the other hand is deliriously excited for us, so that's really nice (DH and her fiancé are best friends too). It sounds like you made the right decision. Family stuff has to come first. 
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  • pawcall  Ugh...the wedding is my entire world and should be others mentality is hard to deal with. Sorry your friend was like that. I spent a decent amount of time on the Weddingbee when I was planning our wedding and unfortunately saw a lot of bridezillas like that.
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  • I was irrationally angry that my H are all the yogurt this morning. It's one of the only things that sound good to me in the mornings and now I have none. So yea I get it!

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  • @DuchessOfCambridge this made me realize how mad I am with a long term very very close friend. She and I both got pregnant last year around the same time but unfortunately I had a loss. She had called me to tell me her good news when I was going through the loss so I told her I wanted a break from any baby talk because I was miserable but I was so so happy for her. She said she understood and hugged and kissed etc etc. All was good. I have been trying to reach her since December. I have called, emailed, even texted her husbandwho promptly responded to
    me but not her. I got nothing back. She is due in April. I am not sure if I hurt her by not being as excited as she would have expected but the day she called me I had just recieved myectopic diagnosis. Anyways, I decided to just not feel miserable about it any more and let her come to me. However, I think right now I am really mad at her for treating me like this inspite knowing what I went through. I almost feel like I probably will never talk to her again which is kind of sad but I have more feelings of anger because I really cared about her. 

  • @heatherdubrow your feelings are totally valid, I'd be mad about that too
    @ShePersisted I'm so sorry you went through all that. I could see her wanting to give you some space after that and maybe feeling bad about telling you her pregnancy updates but if you've reached out to her that should have been the end of the silence. 
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  • The rage is real here as well. And it pops up so unexpectedly, like when DS was fighting with me about going outside to play this morning when I was super nauseous. Instead of distracting him I yelled at him, and then of course we both cried and feel like a crummy parent for yelling at a 2yo who just wanted to go play. 

    when I was pregnant the first time I had to tell my friend on the day we picked out bridesmaid dresses, for obvious reasons. She didn't take it well and another bridesmaid accused me of "stealing the brides thunder" but really I had just gotten my BFP the day before and literally had no other time to tell her. She was salty about it for awhile, but now that she's got a kid of her own she's actually apologized for how she handled the whole thing. 
  • The rage is one of my first pregnancy symptoms, and it all comes out as road rage. I kind of knew I was pregnant because I wanted to just SCREEEEEAM at someone who did something stupid like going under the speed limit or cutting me off or who knows. But yeah. Just unleashed it on DH because DS was refusing to eat lunch, due to DH giving him snacks, and he wasn't helping me try to get him to eat at all. Ugh.
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  • I rage and my DH gets it all. Crazy day on the unit yesterday and I had asked him to buy Ritz cause I can't seem to eat anything. Yesterday he says we're going to his grandmas and his parents want to see DD. He forgot to tell me what time, what we were doing, that we were expected to go out after, or that it was his whole family which means taking care of our nephew. Fine, I'll wake up, take a shower finally and come with your. Go to get my life saving Ritz and he bought Garlic butter, how is that suppose to help nausea. He has no clue what he did wrong. I was already annoyed with what he was watching on tv which wasn't appropriate for DD and was childish anyways. Come on happiness of pregnancy. 
  • Yesss! Well not so much rage as just a little irritable.  I think it's a combination of hormones and lack of sleep due to pregnancy insomnia.  The frustrating thing is my husband has ZERO patience for me being a little on edge.  If I use the wrong tone of voice he'll needless to say there's been lots of bickering.  But it was the same during the first tri last time.  This too shall pass....
  • DH was so great yesterday and cleaned out my car. He moved my sunglasses and when I found them, I dropped them and couldn't reach them under my seat. So of course I call him and start yelling about how hopefully I won't get blinded on my way to work and it's all his fault and then I hang up. One minute later I called him back crying saying how sorry I was for being mean. Yep, I'm a mess this morning.
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  • I feel like rage is my only constant currently.  Some of the time it is justified.  Most of the time it is not.  
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  • I'm not feeling rage yet but irritability, definitely. Driving right now is a disservice to all those that surround me. Yesterday a guy was tailing pretty closely, I was already 10over the speed limit so finally I break checked him. He backed off then when the opportunity came he passed me. I flipped him the bird and said a few choice words. This is not like me at all... now that I'm thinking of what I just wrote, I do believe that falls under rage... hmmm.
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  • This is going to be a dear diary post.

    To start off, I'm quite petite. I bought a maternity bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding (I'll be 8 months) and with maternity clothing they tell you to buy the same size. She has INSISTED multiple times I need to go bigger because "better safe than sorry". First of all, I expect to gain a decent amount of weight but not THAT much weight! I'm an A-cup so basically flat chested. I'll probably end up a B-cup if I'm lucky, and it's a maternity dress so waist doesn't matter. Second of all, she's not the one who will be paying all the tailoring costs! But she keeps going on and on about how big I'll be and I feel like I'm being weight-shamed before I've even gained anything or started to show and it's driving me up a wall. Aren't you not supposed to comment on pregnant women's bodies in any capacity??

    Lucky for her my size wasn't available so I had to go one size up but she needs to STFU about my body and my weight and stop bringing up how that was the right decision because I'm going to be a whale.
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  • I just raged out at work when I found out I am going to be stuck in a small office for 12 weeks with the two most annoying people in my group who do nothing similar to me at all. This is going to be fun. I went on a tirade about how ridiculous it was. 

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  • @heatherdubrow ok glad to know I'm not just being crazy or overly sensitive. Good for you for sticking up for yourself, that's something I should have done this time around. She'll undoubtedly bring it up again so there'll be another chance.
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  • @DuchessOfCambridge yea that's not cool.  People say the most insensitive and rude things. Before I was even ttc people would comment on how they can't wait to see me get all big when I am pregnant (I am petite as well), and they would say it like it's funny. I always found it mean.

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    @jess0211 that is the WORST. Sitting with annoying people for 8 hours 5 days a week is its own kind of hell, I am so sorry. Also, that's a super rude thing to say. Aside from telling a bride she looks so thin and beautiful in a wedding dress, people should really just not comment on bodies.

    ETA @MaximumEffort that's exactly what I'm going to need to say, thank you
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    Good grief yes, the rage!!! I kept DD home from day care today, because it's my last day off, and when I went to make her a sandwich for lunch the bread was GONE!!! I took DD out of town last week, and apparently DH ate everything in the house while we were gone  :# WTH am I supposed to feed this child?!?!?!?! Thank God for Chef Boyardee. 

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  • DH was still lazing in bed when I was getting ready this morning and put my pillow under his armpit to prop himself up. Cue rage.
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