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Y Shaped Gluteal Crease?

At our 2 week appointment yesterday, our doctor pointed out that LO has a Y shaped crease above his bottom. She explained that it needs to be watched over the next few months to see if it goes away on its own, or it might be a sign of tethered cord syndrome? 

She said she wasn't too concerned because he doesn't have other markers, such as a tuft of hair or dimples but of course I am freaking out. 

Anyone else experience this? Did your LO grow out of it eventually? Any words of reassurance? 

Re: Y Shaped Gluteal Crease?

  • My first had a little y shape at the top of her butt she’s now almost 4 and it’s gone away. Or Pedi never was concerned about it or mentioned it, I was more worried than anything else. 
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