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rude people!

Some people I've encountered on this site have been just down right rude and nasty. I don't understand it. In my opinion no question is a stupid one and if you have nothing nice to say, don't comment! Simple as that! Why would you want to tear each other down instead of support one another! I haven't posted on this app in a while and now I'm reminded why I didn't. Cuz some of the responses I read are just so down right mean. People should be ashamed of themselves

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  • Why do you care what I do?  
  • I wanted to post this thread to warn people that people like you are on here and are rude. Like I don't get it! Sorry if you hormones got your panties in a twist but I'm all fired up right now and it's people like you that are making this pregnancy for me not enjoyable. I really thought these apps were to help people not tear each other down. 
  • Maybe I missed it, but I never recall anyone calling your question stupid.  

    Yes, some people sighed, rolled their eyes, and warned you that feeling "fat" at 109 lbs would rub others the wrong way, but what did you expect?  Support is not just a one way street.  It isn't always lollipops, rainbows and commiseration.  

    Sometimes support is showing you where to go, how to get there, and reminding you that your problem(s) may not be as rough as you think.  

    I had lunch with a friend in public and she literally yelled at me because I said I was fat at 151 lbs while pregnant.  It was a bit embarrassing, but I really trust her judgement. And so I am so following her advice, cutting myself some slack, addin in low impact exercise, and switching my carb-a-holic ways with salad. I've known her for over 20 years and she has my best interest at heart.  I knew her when I was 100 lbs and she definitely would have rolled her eyes had I mentioned I was "fat".
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    oh dear god
  • @bumpybump +1000000 points for Party Down gif.
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