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Happy St. Patricks Day! / weekend randoms

remember to wear green! What's your plans for the weekend? 

Re: Happy St. Patricks Day! / weekend randoms

  • DH is going to BWs today with a group of his buddies for March Madness. I am glad he is finally taking a break. He needs one as he is a STAHD, but the emotional irrational part of me is bitter. I'm trying to silence her. He will be gone for 12 hours.

  • We've got absolutely no plans. DH is working days this weekend, then he has Monday off then goes on nights. DS and I will probably just try to stay busy here at home :disappointed:
  • One of my best friends is having her sons birthday party this weekend at a local museum with a dino exhibit. I am so excited to go- our kids have the same nap schedule which she planned the party around (BIG WIN) so we're pumped to play hard with the dino's all morning and (hopefully) nap hard in the afternoon. 
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  • I'm going to see beauty and the beast and tomorrow I'll be in at the calico arts and crafts show and Sunday is our outdoor spring church service. My weekends until may are all booked. One day I'll have a weekend to be lazy. 

    @DPandMB I always feel the same way. When dh gets to go out I'm always bitter. Like I want him to have a good time but I wanna have a good time too. 
  • This weekend is my lazy weekend, which is good because my next four weekends are packed. So hopefully I can get lots of rest and actually clean my house before it goes a whole month without cleaning.  :#
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  • We are taking the kids to the local Aquatic center which is basically a mini water park - perfect for kids. Our kids can spend a solid hour running around the play structure that's in two feet of water and down the two mini water slides. It's glorious. They also have a lazy river that we get to enjoy and relax in once the kids need a break from the slides. And it costs $1 for kids to get in, under $3 for adults. 
  • @Becky012016 target has my vote ;)
  • I'm thinking about sleeping all weekend. But there's so much stuff I want to do. 
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  • @Becky012016 I was thinking target too. Someone mentioned diaper sale this weekend. Is that's true I need to stock up. My stash is low. 

  • I have 2 newborn photo sessions so I'll be shooting and editing those. Also our regular weekend grocery store/costco run. Very exciting. 
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    I wish I was doing nothing all weekend. Instead, today is my mom's birthday, so we're going there tomorrow. Then Sunday is the obligatory every other weekend dinner with my in laws. I would love to see Beauty and the Beast, but don't know when we would...
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  • I'm thinking I need to go to Costco. This is likely the extend of my weekend plans! DH has to go back to work tomorrow so we don't have too much planned... which is too bad, the weather is supposed to be so nice. I'm actually still sort of afraid to go many places because I still tend to get sick if I do too much  :/ but I do hope everyone has a great weekend!
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  • ILs arrive today for the weekend... bleh. Then DH flies out for work from the 21st and gets back on the 27th. Thankfully my mom is flying in on the 21st. I just have to arrange a lyft or figure out how to pick her up since she gets in past DS' bedtime. 
  • My weekend is pretty busy, I may not be around a lot. :( I'm part of a group that's writing and producing a dramatic pod cast, as we have our monthly meeting tonight. Then tomorrow DH and I have to go through about a dozen boxeds from our storage unit and decide what to give away and what to keep for when we movie in just over 2 months (Eeek, cross country move is coming in fast! I am not ready!), and I have a friend's birthday party tomorrow evening. Then Sunday morning my writer's group has it's monthly meeting, and I haven't read the 60+ pages submitted by the girl whose month it is to get critiqued, so I have to do that today, but I don't want to. She's a good writer, but very literal, and she she takes criticism very personally. 

    Also, my doctor's office has yet to call me with the results of my cfDNA test, and the other blood tests they ran, and it's been 9 days. Boo.
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  • @Sugargirl1019 Wait, so you finally got your results back?  Did you look or is it a surprise for everyone???  How are you doing it?
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  • @Sugargirl1019 I'm sorry things aren't going as planned, but I'm super excited for you! Have you had any feelings about the gender? 
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  • Me and DH are going lawn mower shopping and doing some gardening this weekend if the weather permits. 
  • @HollyGolightly09 I feel like you posted a gif somewhere about what a bad day you're having, and I meant to ask if everything is ok, and then I got busy and didn't. I'm sorry! You're always the first  to offer support.

    So, how are you? Is everything ok?
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  • My company just laid off some people today which is awful! I am now scared to death to tell them I am KU. I was going to tell my manager next week after my appt. Can I just not tell them? It looks I will be worrying about this all weekend. :( 
  • @baileylove22 I think you would fare better to tell them. I don't think they can fire you based on the fact that you're pregnant. 
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  • Carebella said:
    Hugs @HollyGolightly09. May he see the error of his ways and come begging for forgiveness with all the flowers. 
    He knows me too well... he took me to Ulta. ;)
    This is also acceptable. ;) Hope everything smooths over, and you have a lovely weekend!
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  • @cmar1006 Yeah, it is what it is right? They were really cool when I went into the hospital when I was pregnant with my twins, but a lot has changed since then. I work remotely, so it's given me a little extra time to break the news. 
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    @baileylove22 I would be hesitant to tell them without knowing why they laid off people. While not legal, that doesn't mean an unscrupulous company won't find ways around it or make it cost prohibitive to fight it. 
  • @cmar1006 Your DD is way too cute! 
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  • DH found out this afternoon he has a mandatory work dinner and his parents are here... not cool.
  • Hmmmmm "mandatory work dinner"... no I'm jk lol
  • @amandarene112 that sounds pretty awesome... should be the norm! I had to sit in a crowded waiting area last time!!
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  • Well, DS came down with a fever this evening, so currently we are cuddling on the couch watching Horton Hears A Who. The plan this weekend was to try out a pre natal yoga class tomorrow and then to attend a fundraiser for the girl's empowerment workshop I facilitate at school. We'll see how DS is feeling.
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