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  • Sorry I've been MIA - busy with hubs being away, working, DS and I having gastro, now colds... ugh it's been a loong week.

    @kiwi2628 sounds delish! Have fun!
    @Cricket648 Sounds like your friend is the problem, not the pets!
    @Dilynne yay for O! Fx!
    @MrsMiller8588 too funny 'my puppy ate my thermometer' sure sure lol classic excuse
    @dragonette505 holy man what a nightmare! I'm glad everyone is okay!
    @purplg8r That's annoying that your doc waiting til after you left to call you! I hope you're able to get ahold of them and figure it out. 

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    WAYDTGKU: temping, hoping O holds off until DH is home on tuesday

    R/R: rant: this week. Oh man so glad this week is over. started with DS being sick over the weekend, then I caught his bug and was sick monday, now we both have a cold, DS is teething either his molars or canines, then i worked nights... needless my first attempt at temping has been a disaster... Rave: DS is walking more and more everyday! It's so exciting and so cute!

    CS/Q: has anyone had a simple cold (no REAL fevers) influence their temp? my timing on temps has also been shitty due to interrupted sleep and shift work... According to FF predictions I should O tomorrow, but OPKs up until this point have all been VERY negative, including this afternoon. 

    My Ovulation Chart

    GTKY: Speaking of ghosts, does anyone have any legends or tales from where the lived/where they are from? Anything from ghosts the whole town knows to sightings of bigfoot to the creepy old woman at the end who will turn you to stone.

    I know there are some... But I'm running on 4 hours sleep in the last 24 hours... and i can't brain that...
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  • @emilylove25 Thanks!  Hope your OPKs start agreeing

    @kariann323 Hmm that's interesting because I have a 2009 CRV and have never been able to wait until 10-15% to get the oil change.  I've always had to track the mileage and I go about every 5,000 or so miles which is no where close to 10-15%.

    @KatieEl I'm so over winter too!

    @cdnrunning Thanks! I don't use CBA opk sticks, but I would use expired OPKs. I'd probably just use non-expired ones as well to confirm or if I thought I was close to O

    @purplg8r The warrens are ghost hunters.  A ton of movies have been made on their cases.  Annabelle, Amityville Horror and the Conjuring are ones I can think of off the top of my head.  Hope you have an amazing trip!

    @thebookisbetter Sorry for CD1, but welcome better!

    @kvacmak Glad you're DS is feeling better!

  • @haylsbayls Hugs, I'm so sorry for CD1
    @beachbunnyxo123 Hugs, I'm sorry about the test results. FX you get the rest of the results soon and everything ends up okay.
    @dragonette505 That sounds terrifying!
    @purplg8r It sounds like everything is good. Have a wonderful trip!
    @MrsMiller8588, @Tigercakes, @EmilyLove25@dragonette505, @KatieEl, @icecubeinthedesert, @Starla, @purplg8r@CandyApple2012 Update on the car, I made it to the shop. It's a chain. I usually go to the one in the larger city where I work. Since the car was so bad I didn't want to risk trying get there so I went to the closer one. It was horrible! I tried to explain what had happened and how it had happened before and that I was concerned that it had burned off all the oil even faster than last time. He just pointed to the sticker and said that I waited too long to get my oil changed and acted like I didn't know what I was talking about since you know I have boobs and a vagina. Anyways got the oil changed and went to work. I messaged my dad to ask him about what might be going on. He said that since it was bad enough that the engine started making noises this time we should trade it in as soon as possible. Did a little bit of research, apparently this is known issue for 2008 Honda Accords. Honda's response was extend the powertrain warranty to 8 years/125,000 miles. We're already at 9 years though so if something were to happen it wouldn't be covered. Plan is to get a new car tomorrow.
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  • @KariAnn323, that's nuts! Hope you have a good time car shopping, though I know that can be super stressful. Especially if you hadn't had it on your radar.

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  • @Augusta108 You're totally right, I actually liked it way more than the years we've gone when it was nice. There was almost no one there, so it wasn't as hard keeping track of everyone. 
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