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Why My Pregnant Self is Crying 3/16

Re: Why My Pregnant Self is Crying 3/16

  • I've been suffering neck spams and a migraine for 8 days. I'm exhausted and I feel defeated from it. 
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  • I can't take cold medicine! Boo-hoo!
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  • We spent the day cleaning the house bc my DH is having some guys over for game night.
    I was so excited to retreat to the bedroom, I taped a bunch of sappy hallmark movies to just relax and bawl. Now one of the guys is bringing his wife and one year old, and another is bringing his yippee dog that steals my dogs stuff! My relaxing evening has been stolen and I want to cry, and not in a relieving hallmark movie way!! 
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  • @smallbutmighty77 ughhh that's actually the worst. You should make up for it tomorrow and not leave the couch!

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  • @thistle8677 @secicc12 everyone is sitting on my couch etc, eating pizza, haven't even started playing. 2 other girlfriends came...I just wanted to watch my crappy movies! plus I agreed to dinner with dh parents tmrw night bc I thought I had tonight 'off'. 
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