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GTKY: phobias

so what are you scared of? 

For me it's ventriloquist puppets. Those things aren't normal. Jeff Dunham is my biggest nightmare 

Re: GTKY: phobias

  • Being alone. I know it's kind of weird, but the thought of being in space with so few humans around is really frightening. Or being in the middle of the ocean or a dessert with no one and nothing for miles. 
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  • Heights and weirdly enough, armadillos. Those things really give me the heeby jeebies! 
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  • Clowns and sharks. Clowns are just creepy and my brother made me watch IT as a kid. I won't go past my knees in the ocean because I am pretty sure monsters live there and a shark is just waiting to bite me.
  • @cchenal07 Omg HOW did I forget sharks?!?! I'm horrified of them! Ditto on the ocean thing!
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  • Spiders are a biiiiig nope for me. Wasps and bees and bugs in general I guess... And I won't go in any body of water that has fish in it. Not even a little pond. Nope. I will wade into the river for fishing, but I'm not swimming around. I've never been to the ocean but I probably wouldn't go very far into it either... because fish and sharks and stingrays and stuff lol.... 
  • Worms on the sidewalk/driveway/roads after a rain. I have to tiptoe around them so they don't accidentally flip up and get stuck on my leg lol I'm fine with them in the grass and where they belong but when they end up on my turf I get freaked out. I get made fun of so much for this at home. 

    I also afraid of losing DH or a child. My little family of almost 4 is all I have left and I don't want to lose any of them. 
  • @Becky012016 when I was younger I used to collect the worms and try to lure in birds lol.. I was very odd...

    but it I also agree with losing DH or a child. Sometimes I get anxiety when DH drives home from town at night, I'm terrified someone's going to fall asleep and hit him or something
  • Becky012016Becky012016 member
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    For all you shark people, have you seen the viral sharks' house video by Veronica pooh? It's hilarious! 

    Eta: link 
  • The short answer to this is: everything, lol. I am generally a very anxious, nervous, and scared person.

    My big one is the dentist, though. I LOVE my dentist. He is amazingly kind and patient with me. I still have panic attacks in his office. For a long time I had to have Valium and laughing gas for a cleaning. 

    I also have an odd fear of diving into water... my brother tried for an entire summer to teach me and I just can't do it. I had never even jumped off a diving board until last summer, and my grandparents have had a diving board my entire life. It took DH and my brother 20 minutes to convince me to do it. 

    I'm a weird person, y'all, lol. 
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  • Clowns for sure. I got separated from my parents at a circus when I was young and the Clowns found me and just ugh. Terrifying. 
    This is horrifying. One time I got separated from my mom in a grocery store and I thought I found her, ran up to her and hugged her leg.... IT WASN'T MY MOM.
    I did that once with a strange man I thought was my dad. :scream:
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  • mrsmgsee said:
    Clowns for sure. I got separated from my parents at a circus when I was young and the Clowns found me and just ugh. Terrifying. 
    This is horrifying. One time I got separated from my mom in a grocery store and I thought I found her, ran up to her and hugged her leg.... IT WASN'T MY MOM.
    I did that once with a strange man I thought was my dad. :scream:
    Hahaha it's awful!!!!! How did we not get kidnaped lol!!!!
  • awildroseawildrose member
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    Walking on the man hole lids to the sewers or walking on grates over drainage opening.... walking around NYC was terrifying- they had massive grates in the sidewalk. 

    And crossing traintracks. (Thanks, Farm Safety Day in elementary school)  

    Edit to add: Also, bees. My daughter is allergic, and I'm convinced it had to come from genetics. DH has been stung no problems, but I never have been. I'm not down with finding out I'll have an anaphalectic reaction to a bee. 
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  • DPandMBDPandMB member
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    Count me in on the clowns. I am petrified. I fing hate those things. Like I cant even joke about it. This summer, there was all that craze about people walking around in creepy clown masks...NOPE! There were some kids who were arrested in my town because of it. That was always my number one concern when I worked for the PD. I used to tell my sergeant that all time. "I can handle anything, with the exception of a clown. I'm not really sure what I will do if I have to come in contact with a clown. I may either shoot him or just tell him to go away quickly."

  • @awildrose I am exactly the same with bees/wasps. I've never been stung, nor has DD. I would hate to find out at 31 years old that I'm allergic. Our new home has tons of bees and wasps in the back yard and I avoided it so much last summer. Definitely going to have to spray this yeah, which makes me feel terrible because of the bee population, I just don't want them around me. At all. 

    I also am terrified of jellyfish. Never been stung. 

    And ever since I had DD, especially with the timing coinciding with multiple plane crashes/disappearances, I have been terrified of flying which I know if completely irrational.
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  • @awildrose I'm very cautious about train tracks but that's from working at a railroad, I've seen first hand what they can do and it's not pretty. We had two trains come in that had hit people on the tracks. Also because we're in the middle of nowhere we frequently hit deer and antelope in the tracks. Not pretty at all.
  • Snakes. I'm super afraid that one of my dogs will come in contact with a rattlesnake. 

    I'm also not a fan of spiders, but I can deal with them as long as they aren't big. 

    Also, I have a lot of unreasonable fears left over from my ex. If I'm home without DH, I make sure all the doors are locked and the alarm is on. 
    Me: 32 DH: 32 TTC#1 since Oct 2015
    PCOS - BFP!!!! 1/16/17 EDD: 9/22/17 Baby Boy - born 9/18/17

  • labby18labby18 member
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    I am PETRIFIED of spiders. I'm a Brown Recluse bite survivor. So I kind of have a legit fear. I could've died if it had bitten me anywhere else - I got bit on my shoulder so not as much "flesh" to eat through, and now have a tattoo over it. DH thinks it's hilarious and points them out to me, it isn't funny, I was 11 and got bit by a deadly spider. I now have the chills and an itch FML. 

    Other than that, I'm pretty rational with fears. I love the ocean. I go out past the sand bar and float, and surf, etc. I grew up at the beach so that might be why I am so comfortable out there. I know we are the guests in the ocean, and I respect sharks (I LOVE SHARK WEEK ON DISCOVERY), but I'm not afraid of them. 

    I'm sure DH has a list of things I'm afraid of, but really it's just spiders. 

  • Raccoons. They are fearless and I'm pretty sure they want to eat my face.

    Me & DH: 32
    Married 2013
    Kiddo #1: Sept 2015
    BFP: 1/19, EDD: 9/30

    "I'm having fruit salad for dinner. Well, it's mostly just grapes, actually. Ok all grapes. Fermented grapes. Fine, I'm having wine for dinner."
  • Big bugs. I can do small ones but at my old apartment they had these centipede things that were like 3 inches long and huge and gross. They terrified me. 
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  • @cmar1006 @awildrose I've never been stung either and am so terrified!

    im also terrified of neck pains or weird headaches - my mom had a brain aneurysm when I was 13 (she survived btw) but I am so petrified of it happening to me. 

    Not gonna lie - I am still scared of the dark! Especially when alone. I don't even like having to walk downstairs to the kitchen in the dark at night way to overactive of an imagination 
  • edited March 16
    *TW for anyone with bad anxiety or knows people who've experienced these situations*

    I am a giant ball of anxiety and constantly run terrible scenarios through my head for no reason. 

    I'm scared of being trapped in a vehicle sinking in water. 

    I'm scared of losing SO or Liadan or this baby. 

    I'm scared of getting a fatal illness or dying suddenly and not being able to take care of my children. 

    I am scared of being non fatally injured and being mentally disabled. Alive but not able to function or interact with my loved ones. 

    I'm scared of driving on the highway and getting into a bad accident. 

    I'm scared of dying in childbirth. 

    I'm also scared of spiders. 
  • I'm not a fan of the dark either. Or the quiet. I like to leave the TV on when I'm alone for both light and sound. But, I think that's mostly my fear of being alone. 
    Me: 32 DH: 32 TTC#1 since Oct 2015
    PCOS - BFP!!!! 1/16/17 EDD: 9/22/17 Baby Boy - born 9/18/17

  • lap018lap018 member
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    Had to to get over the jelly fish thing when I accidentally walked face first into one while looking for shells on the ocean floor .... OW! I stood up and it stuck to my chest and I had to peel it off of me and it had wrapped its tentacles around my entire arm! Uggghhhh now I hate them not out of fear but because I want to shank one. A bath in meat tenderizer and vinegar and a boat load of Benadryl is all that got me through! 
  • @wyomama0427 Yes. I've seen the results of train crashes from growing up in the country all my life. It sticks with you for sure. The first I can recall is a derailed train when I was a kid. Took out a couple small buildings and cars that were on the highway driving beside it. Boxcars overturned all over the place. Luckily, no one died. More recently, a parade float with people on it got caught and hit at a crossing- several people died. And a bus fell off an overpass then was hit by a train that couldn't stop in time. Almost everyone died in that accident. It's terrifying. I tense up every time I cross tracks, which sucks because the only way to my house from town requires crossing tracks. 
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  • @cmar1006 We had wasps really bad at our old house. We would spray them with no remorse. I loved the 27ft spray after dark. But bees, as scared of them as I am, I'd call a bee keeper to help relocate. I respect their value despite my fear. Wasps are gonna die, though, every time. 
    <><><><><>DD1- May 2011<><><><><>
    <><><><><>Angel Baby- June 2012<><><><><>
    <><><><><>DD2- March 2013<><><><><>
    <><><><><>DS1- ETA September 2017<><><><><>
  • @awildrose holy crap... you've seen a lot of bad train stuff... trains definitely aren't something to mess around with. I get overly irritated when I see couple and family photos on train tracks. I know a girl who was walking home with her earbuds in and she was on the tracks, she got hit by a train. Tracks aren't safe and shouldn't be photo props. Maybe that's my UO for today.

    also @Msashley2010 I once had a panic attack when DS was only a few weeks old and it was such a bad one that was terrified that I was going to have a heart attack or something and pass away and DS would be alone and it was just awful and terrifying. I couldn't breathe and I couldn't calm down. I had anxiety postpartum, that was really horrible. 
  • Water.. if I can't see the bottom, nope. I'm so terrified of the ocean, lakes, anywhere when I don't know what's under or around me! Noooo.
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  • Feathers scare the crap outta of me. They are so gross! I don't care if if it's on the ground, in a bird, from a pillow, or fake feathers on boas. If one touches me I will burn my skin off in the shower!! My kids tease me relentlessly for this but I can't help it. Something in my brain tells me that that feather is going kill me, and I believe it.
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  • I also don't like lizzards! They jump at you and I just can't deal with that kind of stress!! 
  • I also have anxiety, and I'm scared of plenty of things- like spiders and clowns. But my only two phobias are snakes and the ocean. 

    I have had two terrifying run-ins with loose snakes, a poisonous one on unknown type when I was nine, and a huge python when I was 11. I had never loved them before, but after those incidents it developed into a phobia. I used to wake up screaming from dreams about snakes (still occasionally do), and it took a lot of therapy and effort to be able to watch something like the Harry Potter movies with a fake snake in them. But I don't deal with even pictures of live snakes. Nope nope nope. Even typing the word is giving me anxiety.

    I also don't love water, but my only real phobia is of the ocean. I think it's because I grew up in the Midwest, going out on lakes my whole life, so they don't bother me as much. I almost drowned- at a swimming lesson no less- when I was seven, and my brother nearly drowned in a neighbor's pool a few years later. I can swim now, but I have no great love for water, and something about the Ocean, with it's power and all it's unknowns, terrifies me.  
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  • @amandarene112 the ocean, with it's power and all it's unknowns... this is a perfect description of why I'm so scared of it too. Ugh, gives me anxiety thinking about it. 
    Snakes.. I never had a problem with them until my last pregnancy! My husband was walking up to the door in the dark, there's a poorly lit area and he didn't notice the rattlesnake right in his path until it raised up and was about to bite! Which stopped him quickly! I was freaking out about them after that.. I started looking into what would happen if I got bitten while pregnant, or if my dog did, etc. We were realllllly careful after that.
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  • I had a snake strike at me once while I was trying to get out of the car. I ran straight over that sucker like 5-6 times. Not today snake not today! 
  • I had a snake strike at me once while I was trying to get out of the car. I ran straight over that sucker like 5-6 times. Not today snake not today! 
    Just reading this makes me on edge! When I was 9, we were staying with family friends, and I crawled into the bed I would be sleeping in, and felt something move. I got out of bed, and discovered there was a snake wriggling in my sheets. It turns out the family's son had several snakes, and this one had gotten free. It was poisonous.  

    Then, two years later, I was on a mission's trip, and I was with a team of four people who were helping a shut-in with house chores. No one had mowed her lawn in at least a year, and we were going to cut her grass. I was walking up the pathway to her house, and there was a rustling in the grass next to me. Next thing I know, this huge python slithers up the lamp post next to me, and stops at my face height, and hisses in my face. I was maybe a foot away from it. And I passed out. Turns out, a local exotic animal collector has lost one of his specimens, and I had found it.

    So there is no day in which I deal with snakes! 
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  • kelseyrayaykelseyrayay member
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    This is the one that tried getting me 

  • @kelseyrayay I really, really, really wish you had not posted that. I was not joking about it being a phobia. I'm on the edge of a panic attack. 
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  • @amandarene112 Sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I put it in a spoiler so you don't have to see it. 
  • @kelseyrayay I know you didn't mean to upset me, thanks for the spoiler box!
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