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GTKY: favorite perfume

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Wednesday ticker changed to GTKY. I don't think we've ever talked fragrances. What's your favorite?


Re: GTKY: favorite perfume

  • My favorie is Viva La Juicy. 
  • Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel :-D
  • See. By Chloe. Impossible to find sadly. 

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  • I don't wear "perfume", but I LOVE wearing orange citrus oil. Puts me in a great mood and smells yummy (and doesn't bother my asthma). 
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  • @MrsLa3, woman after my own heart! Haha. That's my favorite as well, when and if I decide to splurge in myself and actually buy perfume.

    My sister is actually a frangeance nut. She owns a TON of different scents. I find it particularly interesting how different scents smell differently on different people. Juicy smells awesome on me, it doesn't smell so great on her. Something about how the different smells mix with the body's individual chemistry and hormones.
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  • I pretty much hate perfume - there has been only one I ever liked and it's been years since I had it so I am not even confident the fragrance is the same. It's Laila by Geir Ness. I might have to order a bottle now, I should have at least one...

  • D&G light blue or miss Dior...unfortunately I'm super sensitive to scents and most set off my allergies. I try not to wear anything but those are my go to it I'm able to. 
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  • Light Blue by D&G.  I'm not big on perfume either and DH has a sensitive sniffer but we both like this one. 
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  • I never wear perfume, but my MIL got me Crabtree & Evelyn body wash and lotion that smells like Rosewater for Christmas, and it is pretty!
  • I don't wear perfume often but when I do, I love Happy by Clinique
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  • I also wear Light Blue if I wear anything at all, but 99% of the time I don't. 
  • I don't have one particular scent, but I wish I did! Whatever I get a sample of or they have on sale that I like I usually go with haha

    For everyday I usually spray a Victoria's Secret spray on cause I'm cheap.

    I like Signature for Her by Beckham and last time I got Clinique Happy @SaphireSweetie88 and liked that!
  • I wear perfume rarely, but I rotate through several depending on my mood: Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, Burberry Body, and kai.

    kai smells like jasmine.
  • @LuLiLaEv - I have Victoria Secret body spray too lol. I think the one I have is Mango Temptation or something like that lol
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  • La vie est belle by Lancôme is my fave!  I don't wear it much during pregnancy because it's too strong for me right now but DH gets a bottle for Xmas most years.
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  • Burberry Brit! I love it, but I only wear it for special occasions. 
  • I really like Realm perfume. Apparently it contains pheromones...which is maybe a little odd, but it smells wonderful. My other fave is Elle by YSL. I don't wear much perfume these days, so many places are 'scent-free.' 
  • I'm never consistent enough with perfumes. I used to wear bvlgari coral rather consistently but it got expensive to keep up and H got tired of it. When I was getting ipsy packages I did get a couple of winners in the fragrance department. My two favorites there were Yves Saint Laurent- Black Opium, and LaVanila Pure Vanilla. 

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  • I used to love Gucci by Gucci but it got discontinued boo. Still looking for its replacement 

    Aqua di geo (since geo doesn't exist anymore) I always have to have their travel size roll on in my bag

    Chanel Madamoiselle 

    Tom Ford Cafe Rose (current favourite) 

    Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge (forever favourite) 

  • Oh how I miss perfume! Have worn it maybe twice since DS was born. Heaven in a bottle. Personal favorites:

    Burberry Weekend

    La Prairie - Midnight Rain 

  • Even if they smell nice, all inevitably make me sneeze up a storm. :( 

    The only thing I use, really, is a vial of this oil I got at a Renn Fest many moons ago. It's "Virgo" and it's musky. I love it but use it very sparingly because once it's gone, it's gone. :( It does not make me sneeze.
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  • I never purchase perfume for myself because it feels selfish, but for Christmas my mom got my one of my faves Envy Me by Gucci.  I only use it for special occasions so it'll last, but I love it!

    I also love Clinique Happy and the cheap Victoria Secret Pink - Fresh & Clean because it seriously smells so fresh and... well clean!

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  • jessesgrl11jessesgrl11
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    I love Flowerbomb Extreme by Victor Rolf or Gucci Guilty!
  • And I am sorry, but my name must have changed when I updated my password and I have no idea how that happened. I used to be acstec1. I'm not even sure how that picture uploaded...
  • I'm obsessed with Crush by Victoria Secret. Stumbled upon it while in a VS store on vacay, and fell in love. 
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  • I was also a fan on Clinique Happy for a while.
    I also loveee Davidoff - Cool Water (Had to get DH the men's cause they both are amazing to me) 
    and another favorite is Michael Kors - Sexy Amber
  • Prada Candy - I pretty much want to smell like sugar. The floral ones set my allergies off and I can't wear them. 
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  • mjacks16 said:
    Prada Candy - I pretty much want to smell like sugar. The floral ones set my allergies off and I can't wear them. 
    Yasss I got that for my friend just now she loves it.
  • Maybe this belongs in a FFFC, but one of my (high school male) students has some amazing cologne, and I want to know what it is, but I don't want to be a creepy teacher.  I seriously love the smell, though.
  • My new fave is Burberry london. 
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  • I used to love Burberry Brit. Now, I wear Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. I used to wear the No. 5, but DH prefers the Mademoiselle. I love vanilla and musk, or a clean, flowery scent. 
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  • @jessesgrl11 I didn't know there was an EXTREME version of Flowerbomb.  I thought the original flowerbomb was pretty extreme. But now I will have to go investigate....
  • Lola by Marc Jacobs or Grace by Philosophy
    Vive Les Frasers
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  • XathXath
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    I don't wear perfume; most trigger my allergies. I do love the smell of Elizabeth Arden's Red Door though because that's what my Gran wears every day.  When I travel and see the spritzer in the Duty Free shops I'll spritz a little on sometimes to feel closer to her.
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  • I wear Versace Bright Crystal
  • (Lurker coming out of lurkdom :#

    I like Aqua Allegoria scents, especially Mandarin Basil. It's so citrusy! 
  • I can't wear perfumes myself (allergies are too sensitive, even some scented candles and lotions cause me to have sneezing fits and irritated sinuses/nose).

    I absolutely LOVE when DH wears Gucci Black though. 
  • Rotu101 said:
    My new fave is Burberry london. 
    That's my second favorite!!
  • I'm another FlowerBomb gal, though it's  a heavy scent and I only wear it for special occasions. 

    My everyday one is Body by Victoria, which is a VS scent. It blends wonderfully with my shampoo and the smell is just perfect. Subtle, but still there. 
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