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This Is Us- Season Finale (may contain spoilers)

Anyone watch? I'm sure we talked about this before and there are a few of us.

I have been reading online that people are very disappointed in the finale. I thought it was good. I'm really starting to not like Mandy Moore's character. At the end, I was screaming "get up! Go after him!" Like she could hear me. I have a feeling the premier will show just that.

Re: This Is Us- Season Finale (may contain spoilers)

  • I was disappointed because they hyped it up so much and then it felt like a regular episode, and yet now we have to wait MONTHS for the next one.  I honestly didn't think we would find out how he died, but I was hoping for something more than what we got.  

    I dislike mandy Moore more with each episode, but having gone though a marriage involving substance abuse, I understand why she didn't just jump right up and run after him.
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  • I was disappointed. I felt they hyped it up and it was more of a "filler" episode. I still enjoyed it, but did not meet finale status

  • I can see waiting for this big finish or big story line twist. I never thought of that. 
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  • It was not one of the more exciting episodes of the season. I was pretty disappointed but other points in the season were so well done I'll still be back to watch in the fall. 
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  • Oh it was definitely not disappointing to the point that I am going to stop watching.  I have to know what happens, and this show is so well done I will be watching for the duration of the series.

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  • Her character is so flawed, especially when it comes to the adoption stuff.  As an adoption advocate I like how real they keep it bc sadly enough a lot of adoptive parents do what she did, even today.  It's a reality of adoption that sucks but they portrayed it well.  Another thing they get right with adoption is the transracial aspect.  So many AP's think all they have to do is love their kid and that race doesn't matter.  Well it matters to the adoptee and you totally feel Randall's pain and longing for people in his life that look like him.  Also his reunification storyline was the most tear inducing story line in a show ever for me.  I was constantly crying.  It's by far my favorite show right now, I can't wait to see what they have in store for next season!!!!
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  • onaedonaed
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    The entire show I kept thinking "it's going to happen now", "no, wait now" until I finally woke up and realized I'd have to wait months. Still my favorite show, the character development is really well done. I genuinely feel like everyone can relate to at least one if not multiple characters.

    Random- did any one else feel like there were WAY more commercials than normal? I usually DVR and skip the commercials entirely, however it felt like there was a break every minute. It would make sense given the number of viewers.
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    I follow Mandy Moore and This is Us on instagram so I saw her post about not revealing the death of Milo so I wasn't as disappointed as I would have been had I not expected that. I'm so not ready for Milos character to be gone because I adore his character. So I'm not completely upset that they didn't finalize his character this season. it seems like they want us to get to know their relationship better before it ends. Which is only going to make that whole episode even more heartbreaking. I'm not ready to say good bye to Mili but I'm Dying to know what events led to her and Arthur getting together. I agree with PP that it wasn't finale worthy but I understand why they ended it this way. 
  • Can I just say that I HATE Mandy Moore's character.  Haven't liked her since the early episodes and have been saying the entire season to DH that she doesn't deserve Jack.

    Issue 1.  She acts like her shit don't stink.  She never thinks she is in the wrong.  In one of the early episodes she even said she was doing a great job parenting and Jack wasn't.  Wow... Asshat!  I think he is a better parent than her hands down. Also more devoted to the marriage/family it seems.  

    Issue 2.  As an adoptee, I find her character selfish.  
  • I thought the argument scene was wonderfully acted.  I felt so much for both characters without feeling like either was totally in the right.  

  • Issue 2.  As an adoptee, I find her character selfish.  
    100%. The fact that she hid Randall's dad from him
    bc she was threatened is beyond infuriating.  If I found out my mom did that to me we'd have a major situation on our hands (she didn't, my adoption was legit closed and my birth mom rejected my request for reunification).
    I want to scream at her!!!  And poor Randall!  He got such a short amount of time with his bdad.  So many tears!!!
  • I am not so mad at her for that part (keeping the dad away). I'm sorry if this makes some mad, but I don't know what I would do in that situation. He was messed up bad with drugs and he left the baby for better. 

    My sister's dad(technically half sister but I don't like saying that) was bad into drugs and my mom denied all access to her. She still to this day has never met him, she is 42. It was the best decision at the time and that's what mothers have to do. 

    The reason of not wanting to loose him, feel her, but if that was the only reason, I would definitely say selfish. 
  • I haven't watched the episode yet, it is recorded, but I can't wait!  I love reading spoilers!

    I also read 7 theories as to how Jack dies...  I am not convinced any of them are correct.  A lot of them seemed too far fetched for this series. (murder, etc.)
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  • Elyse1384Elyse1384
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    @Wino0920 Still not an excuse to lie about such sensitive information.  This REALLY strikes a cord with me. All she had to say was "When you're older I can share what little I know and maybe we can try to find him, but your biological father was not in a position to be able to meet you.  I met him once and was battling some personal problems that are not safe for you to be around, but he loved you as much as your father and I do."  She didn't even tell her husband what she had done!  I can't get past that with her character. 

    I've been in a situation where I felt betrayed by my parents as result of withheld information and let me tell you there is no pain in the world that can compare to feeling that level of betrayal by the people you should be able to trust most.  These are people who shielded me from the ignorance of the world and I relied on for my sense of self.  I was bullied for being adopted.  I was physically assaulted by kids who thought it was funny to pick on the adopted kid because "her real parents thought she was garbage so she deserves this".  I had ignorant peers and even family members who made hurtful comments such as "she is adopted so she doesn't have a real family" or "Oh you look so pretty.  You and [insert her son's name] should marry someday because you're not real cousins anyway". I was a closed adoption and didn't have much interest in looking for my biological parents. My parents were my world. I was however curious what my bio parents looked like and what lead them to their decision to place me.  Perhaps a need for added validation that I wasn't worthless to them.  When my parents were on a trip, I found some paperwork that included a letter from my biological mother and referenced an attached picture of them with me at the hospital.  It shocked me and I was upset that the pic seemed to be missing.  I asked my parents when they returned "I know you've always said you don't know anything about them, but do you have any info or a picture of my biological parents?  Even something I can have when I'm older?".  They said "we have nothing".  As amazing as my parents are, that caused a rift between us bigger than you could imagine.  I isolated myself from the only people I ever felt complete around for years!  It literally took years to mend just that minor infraction.  Trust me... this kind of withheld info can hurt an adopted child in the worst ways.  
  • @Elyse1384 I can totally understand where you are coming from and that was a great explanation.

    I just also see a mother that may have thought she was doing the best and it bit her in the ass. I make decisions everyday for my kids, with only then their best interest in mind, but it still might turn out to be wrong. 
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    I thought the finale was underwhelming. I got really confused with the flashbacks at first. I thought it was interesting that Jack didn't have any repercussions for the drinking/driving other than his wife being mad at him - a jail scene would have been interesting.
    I would have liked to see more of the kids. I did really like Randall expressing that he wants to adopt a baby! I thought that was a great way to set up his story line for the future. 
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  • Wino0920 said:
    I am not so mad at her for that part (keeping the dad away). I'm sorry if this makes some mad, but I don't know what I would do in that situation. He was messed up bad with drugs and he left the baby for better
    She act said in another episode that she still hid him from Randall even after he was doing well bc she didn't want to lose him.  She was insecure in her role as his mother and her insecurity hurt her child.

    In adoption you don't have the privilege of just doing what you think is best.  You have to consider that your child has another family and good or bad, the child deserves a chance to know that family.  So many adoptive parents do this to their kid and it's tragic.  

    As an adoptee and an adoptive mom I can tell you there are very few reasons to keep a child away from their family.  The only reason I would is for extreme safety concerns (ex- birth family directly threatening physical harm).  Even in the case of birth parents that are addicts you can be honest with your kids about where they come from and the identity of their families.  This part of the show was set back in the 80's and it was a different time.  This was the norm.  Thank goodness things are changing.  

    Sorry, I'm a huge advocate for open adoption (for the sake of the mental health of the adoptee) and I could write a novel on this haha!  
  • @lmudra I agree if you know the biological parents have substance abuse issues, that is an important family history point to share with kids.  So often those addicitive issues are rooted to an extent in genetics.  I think it would be extremely important to have an open discussion about that with adoptive kids (or biological kids, as I plan do to with my son), so they can be more aware of their predisposition and that information can (hopefully) help guide decisions during the more formidable times when they are faced with potentially being in situations that could be the start of an addiction of their own.

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  • Definitely felt like a ton of commercials this episode! Definitely underwhelming episode. Not much to say, besides I'm happy they met at bar and didn't miss each other. Also, Jack's great, but I would be pissed if my husband had to think about why he loved me and looked at me blankly.
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  • @jennas312 I interpreted that blank stare as being due to his inebriated state and his inability to fully process what she was saying (but maybe I was giving him the benefit of the doubt in that moment).
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  • @awillis13 I agree. That can be a rough question in general for people that have a hard time expressing emotions through words, but even more difficult in the midst of a fight while drunk.
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  • Ehhhh for me it's much easier to express my feelings when inebriated  Lol
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  • For me this show is so realistic. Everyone us flawed, everyone selfish, everyone making mistakes. Also not everything us an over dramatized event but still shows the suddle ways are impacted by our everyday behavior. Im not ready to be done with Jacks character but was a little let down by the ending.
  • onaedonaed
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    I agree with the comments above. It's unclear why she had to keep William a secret from Jack as well. Can't really come up with an excuse for that....
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