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HDBD 3/15

How's it growing?

***TW in Siggy***
Me: 33 / DH: 32
Married: Nov 2011
TTC #1: Jan 2013, BFP Sept 2013, DD: June 2014
TTC #2: Aug 2016, BFP Nov 2016, EDD: August 2017
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Re: HDBD 3/15

  • @dmbfan46835 Lauren, I miss you! Come grace us with your presence! 
  • @aehogan90 Could you be any cuter smiling in that pic?!  :D

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  • @secicc12 you are so kind. I was excited to take a picture without my little ten month old tornado pulling on my leg. And finally out of the just looking fat stage.
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    Wife - 11.1.14 | Momma - 5.5.16
  • @thistle8677, Thank you!! I bought it at a consignment sale for $7! Pretty excited about it!! #maternitysteal
  • Gorgeous!!! @rugbybaby

    Together: January 2002
    Married: May 2008
    Baby: August 2017

    Clearly we like to rush along at lightning speed...

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  • @mango517 not only is your bump cute, but your pupper is, too!
  • Thank you!!!
  • @rugbybaby
    is that a professional photograph? Awesome! 

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  • @rugbybaby
    is that a professional photograph? Awesome! 
    I'm a photographer, so yes. :) been having fun taking selfies.
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