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Elusive 9 week growth spurt?

Someone tell me I'm not imagining it.

I usually go by KellyMom's reference for growth spurts but it goes from 4-6 weeks straight to 3 months. We've already gone through the infamous Leap 2 of Wonder Weeks as well.

LO is:
  • Nursing every 1-1.5 hours and is taking 30+ minutes to feed and taking both breasts. He previously nursed every 2-2.5 hours and would finish in ~15 minutes on just one breast.
  • I've done weighted feeds to see how much he's taking in, completely naked and if our scale shifts the weight around I go by the lowest margin of difference, and he's taking in a ridiculous amount of milk... anywhere from 6 to 8 ounces each nursing session. If that's accurate in any way, he's eating 60-80 ounces a day right now. We cloth diaper and his diapers are absolutely soaked on an hourly basis. He's managing to completely saturate hemp-lined pocket diapers which just blows my mind.
  • Extremely alert and not napping really during the day. He seems overtired but any attempt to comfort him to sleep is in vain. I've tried car rides, stroller rides, baby wearing, swaddling, putting him in our windowless bathroom in the dark with the shower running for white noise, walking him around, bouncing him.... nothing works, he's just wide awake. Even eating as much as he is, he's not sleepy after nursing. Except it's obvious that he's tired. He's yawning, rubbing his face in my chest, turning away from stimulation, and then eventually devolving into hiccups and sneezes.
  • Very fussy at night. I assume he's colicky even though our pediatrician has never used the word--but there's been plenty of purple crying that simply can't be comforted. We had a very brief break from it around 8 weeks old right around when Leap 2 ended and it came back with a fiery vengeance for week 9.

These all seem like signs of a growth spurt, right? But I can't find anything official that says that there should be a growth spurt around this time.
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