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Do we have a pregnancy brain thread yet?


Re: Do we have a pregnancy brain thread yet?

  • Insomnia for the win today! 
    I have been completely sure that my A/S today was around 220p... but since I was awake I wanted to double check just so I could be early... My appt is at 9AM!! 10 more min and SO is getting woken up lol whoops 
  • @littlebeansma close call! good thing you checked... hope your A/S went well! :)
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  • @pbandjyummies Thank you! It did! Didn't realize how many pictures they had to take...should not have skipped bfast lol 
  • I left my phone at a restaurant while on vacation ... then last week I left my straightener on alllll day! Which never happens. I'm obsessive with turning it off AND unpluging it. So it was just crazy and dangerous. Then other little things here and there. 

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