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Mental Health Check-In Week of 03/13

***This thread has a general trigger warning! Idea stolen from a BMB... This post can be replied to at any time during the week! Not limited to those with a diagnosis, but please be sensitive others. We will attempt to be as flame free as possible!*** 

How are you doing? Feel free to share a gif, pic, or meme that helps you.
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Re: Mental Health Check-In Week of 03/13

  • I stole this from someone on Insta and loved it.  I also started a bullet journal last week (google it) and have been adding to it each night even its just one good thing that happened that day.  I'm really enjoying that as a way to be organized and distract me from all the TTC/ IF information I am constantly processing.  

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  • @laurad75, thanks for sharing that. It really speaks to me today. I like your journaling idea. Keep us updated on how that helps. I might need to try that.

    DH and I really need to reconnect after this loss last week. It's difficult right now since my parents are visiting and he's sick with a cold. Maybe it's the crazy hormones, but I woke up dreaming about my high school crush and how things could be different if I wasn't with DH. I realize this is messed up, and it's not what I truly think, but until we have some time for ourselves, I just feel like we are drifting apart. And I hate that. 

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  • I've been struggling this week.  I'm approaching my 30th birthday, and this weekend we found out we're out again this month.  This is our 8th month of trying...far for us, not far by comparison to many.  This weekend I just kept crying, and I felt silly for crying because 30 is not such a big milestone, and we can try again next cycle.  If I come across something that's especially helpful, I'll share it, but I've got nothing right now.

    I don't post on here a lot, but I lurk.  I'm incredibly grateful for you all sharing your stories (funny, sad, frustrated, all of them).

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    Married: Nov 2010
    TTC #1 since: Aug 2016
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  • @soehlerk I'm sorry that you're struggling. It looks like you've only posted in one TWW over a month ago. If you plan on participating moving forward, I encourage you to intro on the Newbie Intro thread so that we can get to know you and get invested in your journey.
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  • @soehlerk - I totally had a meltdown when I was turning 30 and felt like I was a million years old. However, 30 was one of my best years yet, so know that life certainly doesn't end at 30.

    I was looking for a "light at the end of the tunnel" image, but I feel like this image is even better.

    Sometimes I realize how much more difficult all of this was than I ever anticipated it would be. However, I feel that now that we've gotten a definitive diagnosis, we can focus on moving forward to get to our end goal! We got this :)

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    Starting with a new RE and continuing testing
    FET #3 anticipated for summer 2018
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  • Hi, ladies. I think this is my first time posting in this section of TB. I've been hanging out in TTC After A Loss for a couple of months.

    I have MDD, GAD, BPD, OCD, ADD-Inattentive, dermatillomania ... It seems like every time I go in, they give me a new diagnosis. My main issues are depression and anxiety. I've struggled with them for years, and I will probably be on medication for the rest of my life. I feel so guilty TTC when I have so many issues and have to continue meds into pregnancy. I also think I have PMDD. Every time I ovulate, I just crash physically and emotionally. I'm talking needing three extra hours of sleep per day and beating myself up over everything. For the most part, I have things under control, but I Od in the last 24 hours, so I'm a hot mess.

    Right now, I have a quote on my front door that says "Obsessed is a word that the lazy use to describe the dedicated." Or something like that. I like quotes.
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  • @pandawares there is no shame in staying on medications if that is what you need to take care of yourself and keep your anxiety and depression manageable. I listened to a webinar today on maternal mental health and this is a topic that came up. If you and your doctors/therapist have discussed your diagnosis, medications and TTC you need to do what is best to care for you. One of the things that people don't always stop to consider is how the exposure to a depressed/anxious mother can impact an infant. TTC is challenging and can be more difficult for those coping with mental health issues. I think it is really important to have open dialogue with your mental health providers and your OB. 
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