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GTKY: Work

What do you do for work? Do you commute to work, work from home, do a combo? Are you a SAHM or will you be when LO arrives? 

*This is not a working mom vs stay at mom debate. Please be respectful!*

It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

Me: 34 DH 32.5     Married 7/16
TTC  9/2016     BFP 12/9/16    EDD 7/21/17    MC 1/8/16 at 8 weeks
TTC  2/2017  BFP 3/6/17   EDD 11/20/17

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Re: GTKY: Work

  • @slaven forgive me if I'm speaking out of turn/telling you things you already know or have looked into, but if you're interested in finance, you seem super qualified for a financial analyst position! With a BS in economics and an MBA, you could be an analyst almost anywhere. We have financial analysts at my law firm who only have their undergrads and one of them is in economics. I recall you're not moving to a big city so maybe it'd be harder but if there are openings and you like the idea it sounds like you'd be great at it!
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  • @DuchessOfCambridge Oh no problem at all, I love suggestions. You're right that the problem is that we aren't going to a city or anything. Syracuse will be over an hour away which is too long of a commute for me, especially in winter. I have the education for a lot of different positions but am limited to what's available in the area unfortunately. 

    Me: 24 DH: 28, Married 1/1/2015
    TTC July 2016-February 2017
    BFP 2/27/17, EDD 11/10/17
    Military family with two fur babies

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  • I'm a data analyst and am also going to school to become a real estate broker. 
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