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  • @Roliepoliecoley4 I have a doppler from being in school and have definitely tried to hear the heart beat already, even though I know it's not possible   ;) Save yourself the trouble and wait a few more weeks, be smart unlike me! haha
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  • @Roliepoliecoley4 I'm planning on getting one! With both of my girls at the end of my pregnancy their movement decreased and it freaked me out so bad. It would be so nice to hear the heart beat for reassurance.

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  • Driving home from DE last night visiting a friend, I totally lost it and wanted to cry because we couldn't find a Chick-fil-a near by and I really wanted their grilled chicken nuggets. First serious craving I've had. 

    Also I'm like some of you had have been taking more tests even though 4 so far have been positive. I have an ultrasound scheduled for 7 weeks - I'm 4w5d today and have been testing since 3w4d when I got my first BFP, but it makes me feel better knowing I'm still getting positives until I can hear the heartbeat
  • This is like an anti-confession but I haven't taken a HPT in two days! So proud of myself
    I didn't take one this morning! I totally forgot until I was already out the door. I only have 3 cheapies left, so it was probably a good thing.
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  • @kissthesky32 @NYTino24 so impressed with us! @kaitlinliz don't feel bad about it, it made me feel better too! I still have some left and will inevitably end up using them all, I'm just spacing it out more haha
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  • I've been taking naps every day with DS. We just officially weaned so he needs extra snuggles to sleep. I'm no match for extra snuggles. Sound asleep, every damn time. Then I feel guilty because I can't get any housework done since I spend my only toddler-free time cuddling. 
  • @Roliepoliecoley4 - I have had one for my past two pregnancies to help with anxiety and I will say, it is also worth watching a youtube video or two whenever you are ready to try because it is way further down than a lot of people originally think to look and there are lots of different things you can hear in that area so it helps knowing what the different sounds could be when you're listening for an actual hb.
  • Nothing wrong with giving yourself some breathing room.
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  • @heatherdubrow I'm planning to get one this time around too.  My babies were both generally calm/lazy, and the decreased movement at the end especially stressed me out.  Plus, I think it would be a little "fun" since this will likely be our last baby! 


  • I still take HPTs every morning... it has become part of my routine. I have at least 50 cheapies left. Also, it has been so hard to get up and go to work every day. Even if I get a whole 8 hours of sleep, I still feel exhausted in the morning. It takes all my willpower not to call out. :s
  • I was given a lot if maternity clothes from friends (when we were ttc) I finally went through them all this weekend and I think I have more maternity clothes than regular clothes! Yet, I still want to buy a few that are new. I know I shouldn't but... I also have no idea what will actually fit me from the clothes I was given.

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  • Whoa, I didn't know a home Doppler was a thing! That is amazing. I'll have it in 2 to 4 days lol. 
  • Last time I was almost anti-Doppler but this time I reaaalllly want one!

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    @ArtificialRed I have hashimotos as well. 
  • Today the nausea hit, so I used my sick 5 year-old son as an excuse to lay in bed for a few hours. It was wonderful, and I rarely get to snuggle him anymore. Win-win. My confession also includes begging my clinical preceptor to look with her ultrasound over lunch tomorrow to see if she can see anything. She's also my primary care doctor, so she'll maybe she'll try :). I know it's super early and she doesn't have the internal probe, but I'd still like to try and sneak a peek.  
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  • @daisymae6215 I've been having to lie too. Talking about babies at work, my clients (adults with disabilities) asking when I'm gonna get preg, threw a baby shower today for a friend, etc. So much lying. We're waiting til Easter, after we do an u/s and know everythings OK. Then well tell family and close friends. But it seems like everyone is asking all of a sudden.
  • To all the peeing on the sticks ladies, I wish I was only that crazy. I made my DH go out a buy me a fetal doppler so that I listen to my baby's heartbeat everyday. Today we caught it for the first time (they sometimes can't pick up the HB until week 12)  and I've already "double checked" like 5 times. 
  • Pregnancy tests are expensive where I live. Even tbe cheap ones. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels the need to test again. I haven't though, because my husband says we can't afford to spend money on these tests, which I agree with. Yet, I'm dying to sneakily buy one and take it. Grrr.. Just need to wait one more week for my first appt. 
  • I no longer have any hpts in the house, because like chocolate, they last for exactly 3 hours before I run through my stash. I think I have some kind of compulsive thing going on because I need to POAS every time I go into the bathroom. Which is a lot times a day, since I have the bladder of a hamster.

    My confession is that I am still temping. And it's just reassuring to see that my temps are consistently higher than coverline so far. I am hoping I can last sans hpts and going into my RE for another beta until my first scan on the 6th. Which is literally in 10 days, but 10 days in pregnant time is like a month.
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  • I had no idea how tired I would be from traveling around during the day. We are on Day 3 in Amsterdam and it is taking its toll. Of course I cannot sleep through the night (typical for me), but of course, I keep falling asleep during the short trips on the tram and metro train. It's like 10 minute rides and I pass out. DH keeps calling me an old lady for it.
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  • @cmessamore totally guilty of this!

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  • @jess0211 Glad I'm not alone!! 
  • DH is out of town this evening and I totally want to go to bed right now.... have been fighting it since DD went to bed an hour ago.... wish there was something I wanted to do more than sleep.
  • I believe @bcashaw is over 8 weeks, and it would be possible to hear it then. 
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  • I am a POAS culprit too. Just took my last one (which is probably #10) nice, darker line from when I started so it makes me feel good! I'm going to refrain from taking more at this point. I must admit that I've used my tiredness as a way to go to bed early and have DH do more chores! And I'm so glad he can do the cat litter now!
  • @cmessamore I am in the same boat. I am about to get even busier over the summer with clinical, work, and kids being out of school (no idea what to do with the older two this summer for child care). So I started in the laundry room. My husband applauded me for finally using the bins I bought from Ikea a year ago lol. Next is the kid's room and figuring out how to get three of them in such a tiny space. The youngest still rooms with us. I am planning another trip to Ikea lol. 
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  • Confession - Seeing all the twins announcements is making me crazy jealous. I am (secretly IRL) hoping for twins.
    This is me. 100%.
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  • That was me during my last pregnancy, hence why my babies will be so close together! But now, I'd be terrified of having 3 under 2 and 4 over 5! Gah!! 7 kids is crazy! 
  • I spent all day yesterday looking at maternity clothes online, despite only be 4w6d. I don't even have my first appointment until April 24th. My one friend who knows I'm pregnant texted me to tell me Zulilly had a bunch of maternity deals yesterday and I cannot bring myself to make a purchase. I'm too paranoid to buy any until after my first doctors visit.

    I'm also a POAS addict and have been doing it every day. I need to go get a FRER, because I've been trying to use up my cheapie wondfo's and then freaked myself out when the line wasn't getting any darker!
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    @toesinthesand-2 Honestly don't waste the money on the FRER. You are pregnant and the line may not get darker. It has more to do with the amount of dye in the test than your pregnancy progress at this point. 

    FWIW, I took a total of two wondfo tests. One on 12 DPO and another on 14DPO, both were not super dark, but not faint either. I went to get hcg draws on 13 and 15DPO, the levels were 185 and 586. So clearly, very much pregnant, but my wondfos didn't get darker. Lesson here = stop POAS and don't waste anymore money. You are pregnant, so enjoy it :)
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