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  • You guys are making me want to order some internet cheapies now that I'm out of my Walmart cheapies and FRERs!
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  • @elsieisamoocow Nooooo! Don't be crazy like us!! I'm testing because I haven't even missed a period yet. I'm only 11dpo now and got my BFP on 7dpo. Just nervous!
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

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  • Confession - We tried for a while for this baby, but my FI tried for far longer (with his ex wife) to become a father.  Years of fertility treatment for the two of them, and 6 failed IUI's before they gave up.  Their divorce was the better part of a decade ago, and none of his GFs after her were interested in kids.  So he'd completely given up, until we met.  I don't even know what words to use to explain his excitement.

    The confession part?  I totally plan to take (minor) advantage of his happiness.  I'm making a human for him, the least he can do is some dishes, right?  My ultimate plan is to hand over diaper duty (of my firstborn) to him while I'm pregnant..
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  • myckymycky
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    I've done the exact same  :D
  • I am so tempted to order a pack of the internet cheapies so I can keep peeing on things until my OB appt on 4/4!  

  • @TallMomma29 me too! Paticularly since DH wouldn't let me buy more in the store just now. Also, my first appt is 4/4 too!

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  • I'll preface by saying a baby is a blessing and I'm happy with either boy or girl....but a small part of me wants a boy so I can toss all my daughters baby stuff and buy new stuff because shopping.... will happen either way.  Bring on the teensy (pink or blue) clothes.  
  • @jess0211 let's do it!  I think it's less than $10 for a pack of 25.   It's for the baby!  ;-)

  • @DuchessOfCambridge I feel the same way about Christmas outfits! We almost bought a cute girls onsie-skirt combo at target that was on sale after getting our BFP. My mom still has most of our baby clothes so if we have a girl, she might be able to wear my old Christmas clothes since I was an early November baby. 
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  • @janvier112 that is SO CUTE! I love that your LO could wear your old clothes!
    @jess0211 so starting an amazon baby wish list now
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  • @DuchessOfCambridge I feel like I am a bad influence now lol

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  • I'm DYING to shop but trying to hold out until we know the sex  @Tbm1124 I'm the same way..want a boy so I can get all new stuff..but you're right shopping will happen either way haha.  I have a million girls clothes but girls stuff is soooo fun 
  • When my big pack of cheapies came in the mail my hubby just laughed. The morning reminders help me through the day! Also my wish list on  Amazon is getting a little out of control.
  • @elsieisamoocow yesss chocolate cheerios!!
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  • And I'm gonna need these chocolate cherrios stat. The fatigue struggle is real, and it seems like the only thing that motivates me right now is food. So out of bed and to Kroger I go!
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  • Tbm1124 said:
    I'll preface by saying a baby is a blessing and I'm happy with either boy or girl....but a small part of me wants a boy so I can toss all my daughters baby stuff and buy new stuff because shopping.... will happen either way.  Bring on the teensy (pink or blue) clothes.  
    Me too! I have 2 girls and we didn't find out their gender until birth.  DH I think really wants to find out this one so he can get rid of the totes upon totes we have of clothes if it's a boy!  Although I love hand me downs (and the hundreds of $$ it saves) I can't wait to shop! 
  • @jess0211 and @TallMomma29 I'm continuing to POAS until my like 40 cheapies run out. Just a note to be careful with them and to not let them stress you out - they don't always get progressively darker like the FRERs. My last pregnancy, they were still pretty light even once my hcg was a couple thousand. The amount of dye they use isn't as regulated from test to test. 
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  • Oh my there's chocolate cheerios..I need these!!
  • ShePersistedShePersisted
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    I have never had chocolate cherios ever in my life, looks like I'm missing out on 

  • My POAS addiction is 7 days strong...and I have a bunch of cheapies, a FRER, and a digi to go  :D
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  • @heatherdubrow me too! Even after DH told me not to. But he wasn't with me and the urge was strong.

    They are all laid out on my dresser and my sister showed up unannounced today. She has NO boundaries and almost wanderes into our bedroom, I was like "No! DH isn't fully dressed!" He totally was. my sister is a lot younger than I am and sees DH and I more like a second set of parents, she even lived with us for awhile so our house is hers (in her mind).  It's going to be very hard to hide this until 12 weeks from her. 

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  • DH and I are out running errands. I got him to stop at Barnes and Noble and I want to buy all the books for LO. Told DH he doesn't have to worry about me buying baby clothes yet, but he should probably worry about the amount of books I'm going to buy. They are all so cute!
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  • Girl Scout cookie season is dangerous... I just bought 4 boxes for just my hubby and I. Time will tell whether he gets any or I just pig out on them all in secret haha. 

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  • LunaMoLunaMo
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     I am happy to see that I am not the only one who has to test every day  for peace of mind. I am so excited! When I got my first positive last Wednesday, I could not believe my eyes. I even tested in the afternoon, when they say that you're not supposed to. I figured I could afford to waste a test, because I have 100 of the little dip tests (Got them for cheap on Amazon). Now I take at least one every day usually in the morning to confirm my positive. I'm going to do that until I visit the OB/GYN. The doctor won't see us until I'm at week eight. I'm almost at week five now.  :D

     Also, I have never napped so much in my life. I am not a nap taker. But lately I am either starving or sleepy. There's nothing else. Food or sleep. I'm on spring break now, when I get back to teaching, is going to be rough.
  • LunaMoLunaMo
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    jess0211 said:
    @DuchessOfCambridge I have started a private baby wish list on amazon and I may or may not have holiday onesies in it.  ;)

     Ha! Me too. I also have a list of possible names going on the Notes app on my phone. I'm trying not to lose my mind because it's so early, but it's so hard! :D
  • pawcallpawcall
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    Ugh. Yeah we've clearly been trying too long. We have fully decided boy and girl names and a spreadsheet plan for the registry, broken down by category. 

    ETA - we'll be registering because it's his first. I don't anticipate having a shower since it's my second but will share the registry info with friends/family if they ask. 

    I have literally zero saved from my 6yo. My husband (now ex) at the time and I planned to have just one, and he had a vasectomy. Didn't feel the need to keep baby things. Buuuuuut here I am now. 
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  • For those POAS often (like myself) has anyone heard of the "hook effect" where eventually the line can start to get lighter? It was my google subject/obsession today.   Now I'm worried if I POAS and the line is lighter, I'll freak myself out. I may have to back away from the pregnancy strips soon  :/
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    *TW in spoiler boxes*
    Surprise! Unexpected BFP 2/22/17 just when we were about to start fertility treatment!
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