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  • @pawcall how awful of your MIL!!!  My MIL did something similar when my BIL and SIL announced years ago.  

    We have immediate family and a few others because they knew we were going through infertility treatments.  I never thought I would announce before 12 weeks but here we are.  We are planning on telling extended family and close friends Easter weekend and after.  Then we'll post to social media after our 12 week appt. on 5/1.  I want to take a picture of our 2 dogs with a sign that says "Mom and Dad are getting us a human!" and a picture of the ultrasound.  We'll see how that goes haha
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  • Wow I had to sit through a dinner with an old friend and her new fiancé  (we have been ntnp  for 6years and we're starting to wonder. Talking about getting checked maybe the last year or so but trying to not put pressure on ourselves)
    Anyway find out she's around 5mth (#4 unplanned )when we get to the dinner and she must of said it 4 times she didn't want this baby . It made me feel so I'll how she didn't even bother to find out where we were at anymore and how she didn't think it would impact us . They also fought in front of us over him speeding and not caring if he dies cause she'll get the insurance and he'll still be looking after the baby . 
    I think there are defiantly topics you need to always be a little cautious with even with people you know . 

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  • slavenslaven member
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    @foxairt There are things that say something along the lines of "I'm going to be a grandma....again" 

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  • Super cute, @slaven!! I love the onesie!
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  • @slaven awwww these may have brought tears to my eyes. So sweet!

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  • Love the pics, @slaven
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  • @slaven I love them! Very well done :)
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  • We're telling everyone on Easter. It's been 4-5 years since either of us have spent Easter with family so I'm making everyone baskets...grandparents are getting onesies and books, aunts/uncles are getting cookies and chocolate and niece/nephew are getting onesies and books as well. I'm excited to tell everyone but terrified of their reactions. My dad is very adamant that he wants to be a granddad but his family has been acting weird about us wanting babies (and they don't even know) so hopefully it all goes well.
    Our very close friends will be told then too. I bought Easter cards for them and will be putting a copy of the u/s in it with a saying about growing a best friend for their children (3/4 have kids of their own)

    As for everyone else we will be announcing hopefully on mothers Day (I'll have just hit 12 weeks so if I can get another appt before that weekend I will be)
  • @slaven your photos turned out wonderful! I'm so glad you got them sorted out in the end!I'm dying over all these easter baskets!  I am announcing at Easter, but announcing during a photo with my family and having the kids wear the shirts with numbers on them and I will have the number 5 on my belly for his family.  But know these gorgeous baskets and eggs are making me jealous and I want one too! 
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    I wanted to tell DH's family at Easter, but now that we aren't sure if there are two, I'm going to decide after tomorrow's ultrasounds with both doctors. If it is another baby, but measuring way behind, we may wait until Mothers' Day...

    @pawcall I LOVE your announcement and I'm sorry that you are being treated that way, especially since they know what your son is going through.
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

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  • I told my Mom very early on. We have had losses and I wanted to share some good news and to have someone to talk with about it. It has been kind of weird she doesn't want to say much because it is so early. She also told my Dad and I have seen them a couple times since and he hasn't said anything...not a word. Not sure if they have any negative feelings about it because I am having a third child at 39/40 or if they just don't like having to keep a secret and are waiting to celebrate it more once it's public.

    I also told my best friends and I am so glad I did. Their joy for us and their thoughts and prayers coming our way have really been helping me through my PGAL anxiety. One friend who has 2 kids now but struggled with infertility said, "I know you are scared but I will be sending you so many prayers." They have been great and I am so glad I reached out. In contrast...I told my sister about my m/c after the fact (no one knew at the time it happened) and she said something like, "You could have told me since I have been through it myself." A comment more along the lines of, "I'm glad you told me. I will talk with you about it as much as you would like to" would have felt so much more supportive. My brother and SIL are expecting their first in July and their baby shower is 4/29 so may wait to tell them until after. They live far from us and I can't go to the shower, but my parents will be there and I would feel bad if there was any talk about my parents expecting another grand baby in addition to theirs. I would feel like we stole some of their shine, I guess. Maybe I just think about these things too much.

    So, we will probably tell our siblings sometime after the NT scan on 4/28. The results from the genetic blood testing should also be back around that time and we will tell the kids with a fun "balloons in a box" or "cupcake" gender reveal and post a video of that as our social media announcement.

    My DH is visiting his parents today and may tell them, but given they have said things in the past along the lines have a boy and a girl so you don't need to have any more...not sure what kind of reaction they will have.  

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  • Roliepoliecoley4 Super cute announcement!

    @slaven: Your pics turned out great!

    **TW: Loss Mentioned**
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  • @TallMomma29 My mom's obgyn friend eased my concerns about mo/mo considerably. She said the stats that come up on Google are out of date, and also agreed with you that the membrane can be hard to find depending on the u/s equipment and commonly shows up a little later. Still high risk, but I'm worrying slightly less. Hope you're doing well with all this!
  • Thanks @bklynchica!   I think (hope!) I'll feel so much better after my 12 week appt.  My OB totally said the membrane thing like it was NBD with no discussion of the possibility of momo twins at all, just that if the twins are identical I'll need extra monitoring.  I wish I had known to ask more at the time but I was just in shock!  

  • So far I have told my bible study group (they were very supportive during my last pregnancy with DS3, which was very difficult and I wanted their support again). I have also told a small group of close friends and will be telling my two other best friends tomorrow night. We had planned to wait to tell anyone else until Mother's Day, but today we had my inlaws over for a late lunch and it was just the 4 of us and DS3 and we knew it would be a not-so-good reaction from them, so we figured this was a good time to break the news. My MIL said,"I knew it!" And gloated about having 11 grandchildren. My FIL said, "oh, Jesus" with a scowl on his face and neither said congratulations. Sooo it went as expected. 
  • I'm trying to decide if we should announce on my bday (4/27) or after our NT on 5/5. I would feel safer waiting until after the scan but announcing on my bday would be fun :)
  • All of these are cute! We will be telling our families over mother's day weekend and since baby will be the size of an orange at that point, I'm going to gift all of the mamas in our family with oranges. They will obviously think I'm crazy, so I'm excited!

    I wish I had an ultrasound to share with them but I'm going to a midwifery and they don't do ultrasounds until 20 weeks. I completely understand why, but I'm a FTM and I just want to see the little pickle! Btw, I freaking LOVE my midwife. She's incredible. And happily agreed to do an U/S if it would give me peace of mind. Just seeing how long I can hold out!
  • Well, my parents and DH's mom now both know about us expecting our little bean.

    And while they are both super excited...they are already barraging us with questions, comments and trying to plan things. Oh dear. We told them both they cannot tell anyone else until after May 16 (my 12 week scan and when we will announce to friends/other family) and they can only talk with each other. I think my mother and my MIL have talked for at least a few hours about it so far.

    We also said we haven't planned anything, don't prefer a sex for the baby, have no names picked out and do not plan to buy anything during the first trimester. Both my MIL and my mother have offered to already help out during maternity leave, to be babysitters, buy things, plan showers (which I don't actually want) and spoil the child rotten.

    They haven't even known more than 24 hours, haha, and it's been a whirlwind. I love that they are excited, but this is going to be a long 7 months :)
    **TW: Loss Mentioned**
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  • @dragonfly87 My mom and MIL have already been talking about a shower and my mom asked me for names and addresses for my friends last week. And my mom has already bought stuff for LO and is making a blanket. She posted on FB asking her friends which colors to use since we aren't finding out the sex and I chimed in that our nursery colors are most likely gray and navy so that's a good choice. Someone literally suggested camo b/c DH is military and there's no way I want more military stuff in my house lol 
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  • My FIL is so excited and right away wanted to post a picture of the countdown blocks we got to tell them with. We won't be ready to actually announce for another week or so though, we are waiting on a friend who can print something for us, and then I'm going to put together our final announcement post. I'll be between 9 and 10 weeks when we announce, which is a smidge early, but people are getting suspicious since I've had to cut back so many of my normal activities because they aren't safe while pregnant. :)
  • @irishfrisky We did our FB announcement at 10 weeks too. We told our parents when we found out at 3+3. 
    Me: 25 DH: 29, Married 1/1/2015
    DS 11/2/2017
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  • I've told several of my close friends, and our siblings and parents. But everyone has been sworn to secrecy until further notice. I haven't decided if we will announce on fb or not. We did with our first, but we will see. I want to wait until I'm showing at least. 

    I told my husband with ninja turtle masks. I was wearing one, our little was wearing one, I had her hand him one, and the forth one was under my shirt across my belly. 

    His brother and his wife are expecting in June so for his parents, I made Big Cousin, Middle Cousin, Little Cousin shirts to tell them the news. 

    My sister got married on April Fools and had a lot of pranks planned but didn't have one for our parents. When I told her my news she came up with the perfect plan. After the wedding and family pictures she and her husband pulled my parents aside and my sister put on the biggest theatrical performance of her life - like real tears and everything - about how they weren't planning for it but "you're going to be grandparents again..." We come from a very conservative family, so the silence that followed was deafening. Then we walked in with our little wearing a Big Sister shirt. My parents didn't know what to believe at that point. It was hilarious. 

    Thankfully everyone we've told has been very excited and supportive. I feel so terrible that not all of you are experiencing that. My main worry at this point is that our moms won't be able to keep the secret much longer. 

    My MIL has already tried to pretend that my BEST FRIEND leaked the news so we need to tell soon. With our first she would tell me "no, I didn't tell! They just guessed!" And I was like "How? Did you say 'guess who's pregnant?'??" 
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    Now that we know the gender we have decided how to tell pur family when we go home for Mother's Day Weekend. For my Mom I got the  book "Just Grandma and Me" and I am going to wrap it up and put a note on the inside cover that says, "Happy Mother's Day Grandma! Can't wait to meet you Nov. '17 Love Robert George"  (that's the name we had picked for a boy and Robert is my grandfather's name who my Mom was super close to, he passed away in 98). If we have another ultrasound pic I'll tape that there as well.
    For my Grandma I am going to wrap up a blue onsie that says, "I love my great grandma" with a note from the baby. 
    For DHs Mom he wants to just do a mother's day card and sign it from the baby. He's less sentimental. Lol but I might get a frame and put an ultrasound pic in it for her.
    For the rest of our family I have the classic "ice ice" with an arrow pointing down in blue and I am just going to wear that and see if the nieces and nephews figure it out. 
    For FB I think we will just do a collage of pics from our trip home,  like one of me in the shirt and a few of the Mom's and grandma holding their gifts and just say something about having an eventful Mother's day weekend. 

    Eta all of the people we will announce to are done having kids so I am not worried about upsetting anyone and we won't do it in a public place. The FB post will be lowkey since we always post pics from our trip home. 

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  • I told my sister right away and my moms group pretty early (like at 7 weeks). We will wait a bit for other family because I want to make sure all is ok and I'm old so I'm nervous about that. My son on the other hand has already told his whole school and all the teachers. 
  • I love all of your announcement  ideas. Im so close with my mom I instantly told her. Lol but for TH we are going to do a public announcement when we get the blood gender test back (any day now).  Then we will do mine,DH,Ds and a pair of pink or blue shoes all sitting on the steps labeled. 
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