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  • @slaven I'm so glad the blossoms worked out for you!omg sure your photos will be wonderful. We have to tell my in laws today because they got home from Florida yesterday, and my kids are definitely going to accidentally spill the beans if we don't fess up. I'm so nervous, I know my MIL is going to be pissed and I'm already feeling shitty today so I don't want to deal with it. 
  • I think we are going to tell parents after our dating ultrasound on the 10th. Havent decided when we are going to make the big public announcement yet, but I'm planning either a Harry Potter theme or a "Jedi or Wizard?" HP vs Star Wars theme. :). We are big geeks and either gender we will have a geek themed nursery. :)
  • @bcashaw I know that every family and person is different however DH and I have had conversations about similar things, basically family members being asshats and selfish and not being supportive. It's hard and easier said than done but we stand by the idea that if people don't want to be part of our lives or want to cause problems then we don't need to speak to them. I don't care how closely related they are. Thankfully our immediate family is great but we both have some not so great aunts and uncles who cause problems a lot. My SIL is going through planning her wedding and they're making drama for her and stressing her out. My suggestion was to just not invite them because if throwing a fit is more important than being there for her then they don't need to be there. Obviously having a baby is a different situation however I think the same reaction can still apply. 
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  • So I'm a professional photographer and because I've done announcement sessions and stuff for others I didn't want one for myself--oh the irony--so I took a couple of tests and used them as props with a pair of baby shoes I used to tell DH and took some detail photos like I would at a wedding I was hired for. Also started doing weekly selfies. We're going to have my parents come down and have dinner with us next week, I'm going to say oh by the way, I was working on some personal photos around town and got this shot I thought you'd love so I got a print made, and have them unwrap what will be a framed detail shot of the test with the shoes. Also I feel super unattractive right now so all my weekly photos are the neck to knees, so hiring one of my friends wouldn't have happened anyways since I feel gross in every picture!
  • @MississippiCatfish my SIL is pregnant with #5 (a surprise!) and they did an announcement like that. It was so awesome!   :D

  • I wanted to resurrect this thread for some of the new ladies who have joined, and also to ask if any of you who have told people want to share how it went? I'm getting so excited to share the big news, but now I'm waffling about telling at Easter (9ish weeks) or Mother's Day (13ish weeks). 
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  • @lahansen I have told a few close friends for various reasons and our facilities guy at work for logistic reasons with an office move. We talked about doing the big announcement at Easter but have opted for Mother's  Day (13 weeks) since our family lives in another state and we plan to surprise them with a visit and the news. Plus I think it will be so fun to give my Mom the gift of a grandchild for Mother's Day.

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  • @slaven thanks! We ended up telling my mother in law and now she is not speaking to us. I'm sure she will get over it eventually. 
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    We bought my MIL a pot holder that said Super Oma (super grandma in German). It was hilarious. We gave it to her on her 80th bday. She saw it and tried to act grateful for such a gift on her bday. When she read what it said, she pointed at my stomach and asked, "yeah, when?" She just didn't get it (i think because she is already a step-grandmother). So we read her the accompanying card. It started with "dear Linda, mama, and Oma", she looked at me funny, and when the card ended with love, M, D, and baby she finally got it and stood up screaming. 

    We also had some fun with my parents and sisters. We got them all on Skype under the pretense that they needed to wish my MIL a happy birthday. It was tough because one sister is still at home and the other in another State. I sent all 4 of them a text with a picture of the positive tests. My 23 year old sis got it right away and started smiling from ear to ear. My parents and youngest sister looked super confused. We asked them where their phones were (dead, charging) and urged them to check them. More laughs and smiles and crying. We will tell everyone else at 12-13 weeks.
  • @cmessamore This is our first and honestly I don't know how many kids we'll have. I go from only wanting 2 to wanting 5. Just a few weeks before I found out I was pregnant my mom mentioned that I was too young to have kids (really she's not ready to be a grandma) but she's happy now. I hope it's similar for you. I've also heard a lot from people in our family that 2 or 3 kids is enough and wonder what there response would be if we have more than that or if we have babies close in age, which we "plan" to do (as much as you can plan those things I guess). At the end of the day your kids and your DH/SO are who matter most and if people can't get on board then it's their loss. 
    Me: 25 DH: 29, Married 1/1/2015
    DS 11/2/2017
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  • @slaven so true!! Thank you!! 
  • @bklynchica thanks for the support! I'm sure she will come around. She's always like this so I'm just not letting it bother me. 
    @cmessamore I love my baby and I am thrilled to finally be pregnant. Nobody can take that away from me. 
  • @ebelknap your dad's reaction made me think of my dad. When we told him "you're going to be a grandad again" he froze and then said "how?" His gf had to chime in with "you only have one child darling" lol

    He called me back 20 minutes later much happier after he had a bit to absorb the news. He said he didn't know if I was trying to tell him we were getting another dog or having a baby! Not sure why it was such a shock, we had talked about us TTC this year. But he was floored! 
  • @BayCamp Hahah! The confusion is kind of endearing. 
  • We're going to tell DD probably this weekend during our announcement photo shoot and I'm super excited about that part!  I'm slightly less excited about the immediately following announcements to her biograndparents and social worker.  Selfishly I had really hoped her adoption would be finalized before we had to deal with this.  Not that I wish we weren't pregnant!  I wouldn't change that!  And not that it will even change anything for anyone - we're still planning on adopting her and I'm sure her biogramma will actually be thrilled as she's actually been asking us about more kids, but for some reason it's just funky in my head.  It's something I'm really excited about personally and I wish I could just share it with my family and friends and not have to disclose to a social worker and my daughter's bio family...
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    October 2016- We became licensed foster parents
    November 9, 2016- Arrival of DD#1, 4yo
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  • My first there was no announcement. The second one I did a photo shoot with DD holding up "I'm gonna be a big sister" sign but both time we lived in Botswana away from everyone. And we waited until 12 weeks to tell almost everyone. This time I'm dying to share yet nervous. No one knows yet. Our u/s is at 8w5d but I'm planning to make an iMovie and show the family around 12 weeks then release it to Facebook-we have a lot of family in Africa/Europe. 
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  • With our first I wrote a poem and framed it for our parents. Just did a generic FB post about it.

    With our second we had our daughter wear a shirt that said "Merry christmas to me! I'm a big sister to be!" And that's how we told our parents and siblings (it was in December). Then we had DD visit Santa and we have a pic of her on Santa's lap that says "I asked Santa for a sibling and he listened!". She looks so pissed off in it though lol She was scared of Santa. Whoops! We posted that pic on FB just before Christmas.

    This time we just verbally told our parents and siblings. I haven't decided yet what we'll do on FB. I kind of like the whole "tie breaker" idea since we have a son & daughter already. But I also like the idea of having the kids hold the big balloons that say "1, 2" and the have the 3rd balloon tied to a little chalkboard sign that says "Arriving November 2017"
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  • @pawcall 1) Your announcement photo is precious 2) WTF to all those people, I would like to give them a piece of my mind

  • @pawcall how rude of your MIL!  That should never be said to an expectant mother!  

    Technically my parents (mom + dad & step mom) already know, because we've had a lot of bad news in our families lately and I wanted to give them something to be excited about.  DH's parents don't yet know.   Yesterday I decided to send all of the parents a little something to announce as if none of them know.  I am getting some large plastic easter eggs and inside I'm going to put some of the easter grass, a picture of the ultrasound, and a note about expecting twins in November 2017.  All of our parents live out of town but I'm going to mail it to each of them this weekend.   I did little things like that with our prior two (a paci with a note for our first,  a picture of the older one holding the ultrasound with a note about our "two valentines" for the second) and they loved it, so I want to do something again!

    I'll probably announce on social media after my 12 week appt... no idea how yet!

  • @rain0831boww  It's not my first but it's her first grand baby. My son was 4 when she met him, and FI's sister met her SD as an elementary school aged kid. 
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  • @rain0831boww  It's not my first but it's her first grand baby. My son was 4 when she met him, and FI's sister met her SD as an elementary school aged kid. 
    ~Mom to an amazing Jan 2011 boy~
    ~EDD Nov 18, 2017 with my IUI success story~

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  • mariposa_767smariposa_767s member
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    @pawcall I'm so sorry.  That really sucks.  My mom responded by saying "now you guys can get married!"  As if we live in the 60s and we had an oops.  I don't understand why people don't think about their actions and words.

    DS1 is 7.  DD is 1.  DS2 is coming in late April.

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  • We want to do something for mothers day . 
    I was thinking easter but it's before our next scan and the first was a dating scan at 7w+3 
    So not much to see . And thought it'd be nice to show the scan . My husband also likes the idea of telling mums first and just letting the news roll
    So mothers day . Only issue is it is another 3 weeks after the scan and I'm hoping people either won't notice at or before 15w or that they won't be offended we waited so long to tell 

    I have told a few people 3 who are very good at jeep in secrets and relevant to my training and exercise . I feel better them knowing for safety .
    But otherwise Noone knows yet 

    Having a bit of a hard time working out exactly what to do . Getting a grandma or nanny item isn't that obvious since we are both the youngest in our families and my side it'll be grand baby #6 and on hubs it'll be #8 

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