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  • For revealing to my brothers I've just thought it would be fun to just text them "hey, wanna come over for coffee, I have bun in the oven"  because I like to bake and almost always invite then over when I bake, so that would be a fun thing. 
    For my parents I thought I'd give the announcement as my moms birthday present, but haven't figured out yet what that present would be, maybe a bottle of wine with a home made label that would reveal my pregnancy somehow.
    And for my fiances parents I've got no clue, I guess he will tell in his own way  
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  • @slaven: Cute onesie! When are you planning to do your photo shoot?

    **TW: Loss Mentioned**
    Me: 29 | DH: 31
    Dating: August 2003  | Married: August 2013
    TTC #1: Since October 2016 | BFP #1: 12/4/16  CP: 12/6/16
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  • dragonfly87-2dragonfly87-2 member
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    We don't have any announcement plans at this point. I am not sure when to tell people and was hoping to see what other's timelines are (in terms of weeks). I know it's a personal decision, but I am always curious.

    I want to tell my mom now, but want to wait a little while longer. **TW**I had bought a book literally the night I got my BFP in December called "And Tango Makes Three" that I wanted to give to her and my dad on Christmas. I had it all planned out. Well, clearly that didn't work out and the sting really hurt when the book arrived a few days later. I actually felt pretty stupid for buying the book so early. **TW**

    I still have the book and I am contemplating giving it to them still. Not sure. Not really sure when we will tell others or how though.
    **TW: Loss Mentioned**
    Me: 29 | DH: 31
    Dating: August 2003  | Married: August 2013
    TTC #1: Since October 2016 | BFP #1: 12/4/16  CP: 12/6/16
    BFP #2: 3/14/17  EDD: 11/23/17 Born: 11/22/17
  • @slaven the onesie turned out so cute! Can't wait to see your announcement!

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  • I'm pretty sure I'm going to send my siblings a video of DS after he gets to see the u/s at 8 weeks. I think it'll be cute as he tries to grasp the concept of what he was seeing. I expect he'll tell everyone at school after and that means a lot of my friends will find out from that. 

  • @dragonfly if you're curious about timelines, here's mine:
    Parents were told the day after we found out

    Two bffs found out shortly after parents because I'm in a wedding and the bride wanted to buy bridesmaid dresses that week so it was necessary. I told the other bff because it would be weird to tell one and not the other. Another friend found out around then too because she's pregnant and has been really helpful with questions. I would really have preferred to wait to tell the two bffs but, wedding. 

    The rest of our families will find out after either our 6 wk u/s or 8 wk, we haven't decided what's more comfortable for us yet. 

    Our few other very closest friends will find out sometime around 9/10 wks

    All other friends we want to tell firsthand will find out around 12 wks 

    Once we're done telling everyone we want to tell personally, we'll do an FB announcement, sometime after 13 wks. 

    I'm not planning on telling work until after my annual review/raise discussion in June as long as I can hide it. 

  • @dragonfly87 Like you said, it's a personal decision, but we announced to family at 6 weeks and the world at 7 weeks. With my previous two pregnancies we announced around 5-7 weeks as well.  
  • We've told close family already. All of them we told differently. I told him by giving him a super hero Daddy t-shirt that I had waiting just for this occasion.  His dad and stepmom we went to their house and his dad kept asking to see pictures of the cabinets we just hung. So DH texted him a pic of the positive pregnancy test instead and just let it sink in. My parents we took them a gift to say thank you for all the help with our wedding (married January 2017), it was some baby hats. His brother and mom he sent them a picture of the shirt I gave him. We bought my niece a shirt that says "I'm gonna be the big cousin". Her unwrapping it is how we told my brother and sister in law. 

    For a public announcement we happen to have our at home reception/open house a week after our first ultrasound (January destination wedding with just family). We will have a slideshow of the wedding pictures playing and at the end a picture of my niece in her "I'm gonna be the big cousin shirt", a picture of our dog with a sign that says "Mom and Dad are getting me a human!", then an ultrasound picture. 

    We will use those three pictures then to make formal announcements and social media announcements. 

    Those at my reception who have been trying to conciece are pregnant. Others of child bearing age are done having kids. The few friends I have that had trouble already know I'm pregnant, as we commiserated on the TTTC and IF issues. So I'm comfortable with our semi public announcement. 
    Me: 39  DH: 30
    Married 1/28/17
    BFP #1 2/26/17, MMC 5/2/17
    BFP #2 10/10/17, MC 11/4/17
    BFP #3 12/17/17 Birth 8/13/18
    BFP #4 4/21/19 Birth 12/5/2019

  • With our son, we took a picture of the fireplace mantle with our two stockings and a little stocking in the middle. :) For this baby, we will announce to close family by having our son wear a big brother shirt and seeing who notices first. We may do a fun Cinco de Mayo themed one on Facebook in may, I shall see!
  • I am sitting here ugly crying at all these cute ideas! I have so many right now that I can't even decide which one to mention.  My timing will mostly start after my first u/s, however DH's mom is going through a rough time right now and we have considered telling her soon since it would make her so happy. 
  • My due date is just a few days before my sister-in-laws wedding.  We are going to ask her (when parents are also there) if she has any extra room at our table for an extra person!  Having a due date so close will certainly complicate things and is not ideal, but we are so grateful that it doesn't matter.  It will all work out fine and be a great story in the end.  :)
  • I am at a loss for what to do. I initially wanted to wait until Easter and have DD wear a cute outfit. Unfortunately it's my Easter to work so I won't be home at all and our Easters are on the same day this year so it would have been even more tricky.  Now I'm unsure how I want to announce as my SIL just had a lost at 12 weeks. She seems to miscarry before each child so this is her third. My other SIL is also pregnant right now and will be close to due by Easter. As I've never had a pregnancy where people were happy with I'm just feeling blah about telling people. 
  • I told my mom and two of my sisters right away (we are very close). I am telling one of my best friends this weekend, I am thinking of taking a photo with my instax camera of my positive test, and a cute poster saying "Best Auntie Ever" or something like that. We are very close, so she would be an honorary Auntie.
    *****TW Because of my previous loss I will be very hesitant to announce on social media, DH and I are also very private people so we probably wouldn't have anyway. I want to tell DH's family soon, and I will text a few people who helped me through my loss (one of them struggled with IF in the past, and I want to give her time to process). End TW******
    Anyone who isn't super close to us, I think we will just let them figure it out as I get bigger.

    @slaven the onsie is adorable!!!! So cute! I hope you share your announcement photo with us because it sounds like it is going to be amazing. 

    @ChronicleBaby love your photo! So hilarious, and your dogs are adorable. 
  • my MIL has a different photo album for each grandchild on her mantle so for each child, we give her a new photo album with an ultrasound picture (but we put them in different sized boxes, so she doesn't know ahead of time). For the rest of the world, we announced on Valentine's Day with this for our 7 month old! We did our gender announcement with the blue jelly beans in Easter eggs! This year we'll announce on Mother's Day and gender announcement on July 4th! Still working out the specifics though!

    (below the 2 feet line it said Baby "our last name" August 2016)
  • I'd like to wait as long as possible before a facebook announcement, and am envisioning a photo of a digital pregnancy test with the caption: #tbt That time I peed on a stick.

    I think someone posted here the idea about pretending to be taking a photo, but actually be shooting video, and saying 1, 2, I'm pregnant! Love this so much. Might do it to my parents, except I'll say "you're gonna be grandparents!" If twins stick, I'm tell them they don't seem that excited and they should be twice as excited. 

    Then I got the evil idea to have my sister do it and make them think she's the pregnant one at first (she is not trying, and her bf has a vasectomy). No. That's too mean. 

  • @bklynchica we did the video thing when we told my closest friends the first time around. It was fantastic and is still a video I watch whenever I'm having a rough day. 
  • @mrsorigami that's what we plan to do for my side of the family! We take a family photo with everyone at Easter and I will be 11 weeks then so I'm not as nervous to tell everyone! Plus I know that nobody in my family is trying 

    I've already told a few people. I told my dad on his birthday by buying him a mug that says best grandpa ever. I told my best friend by giving her a book of baby crochet things with sticky notes on the things I liked.  I told my best friends parents by putting a literal bun in my oven then giving them a tour of my house (which was just excellent timing and worked out well). I told my mom when I peed on the stick. 
    For my DH family we will be doing it on Easter. My 3 step kids and 1 foster child will have big number stickers on their shirts and I will have the number 5 on my tummy. We are just gonna not say anything and let people figure it out. I'm a bit worried because another family member announced sort of similarity to that (She had a sticker on her shirt that said surprise) and I'm worried that my sister in law is going to say I copied her... BUT this has been my plan for quite awhile and I really want to have my kids involved. 
    No clue how I'm going to tell my in laws. They're going to be pissed about it... I'm thinking just a photo frame of the other 8 grandchildren wkith out ultrasound photo in the 9th spot. 

  • Welp, last night my stomach and brain teamed up to prevent sleep, and I saw my bff was up posting on fb, so I texted him to chat and ended up telling. It felt really good. He's definitely someone who I'd want the support of if anything goes wrong. 

  • @bcashaw why will your in laws be pissed??

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  • @heatherdubrow my MIL recently told my DH that he better not get me pregnant because I will treat him like my slave and make him miserable. Also that I can't handle a baby and won't be a good mother, and am going to end up leaving him soon because of his kids anyways so don't make a reason for us to have a relationship after we break up. 

  • @bcaanaw woooooow she seems like a huge "see you next Tuesday". I'm sorry you have to deal with that!
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  • @bcashaw That's terrible! I'm livid on your behalf. First cry of the day! My bf lost both his parents, and I know his mom would have been ecstatic. This is wrong and I'm really sorry you have to deal with that shit.
  • We already told our parents and siblings but we haven't told extended family or friends yet. We announced DD on my husband's birthday at about 11 weeks (it was the only thing he asked for), I will be about 11 weeks on my birthday which is two days before Easter and he wants to announce then. He is a photographer and came up with a cute idea. We got an easter basket and different sized eggs and the photo will say we are adding another egg to our basket in November. 
  • We will be telling our parents soon, I told my Dad and step mom, I was going to wait until this weekend, but didn't want to take away from my sisters going away party (she'll be in Guam with her DH for 3 years)  For my mom and step dad and little brother (he's 11) I got him a shirt that says "the best brothers turn into uncles" We'll see what he thinks it is!  For the rest of the family we'll tell them at all the Easters.  I bought a shirt that says "Hatching in November" even though my date got moved to Oct 31... No one in my family is trying, most have kids already and are done or they are in college or high school so I'm hoping it won't be bad for anyone.  On my step dads side, I'm the only one married, also the oldest.  So it'll be fun to have a baby around :) My grandpa said that he's can't wait to be a great grandpa so he'll be really happy!

  • @ktcakes87 thanks! I'm pretty used to dealing with her shenanigans at this point. It was difficult for her when I came into the picture, before that she was the only positive female role model in my step kids lives and she's had a hard time trusting that I will not be like their mother. 

    @bklynchica sorry for making you cry! And I'm sorry to hear about your in laws, I'm sure wherever they are (if that's what you believe) they are thrilled and working to keep your baby safe! Xx
  • zigzag8412zigzag8412 member
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    For my family, we basically just told them.  We all live in different states and were all in town recently for a family thing.  We hadn't planned on telling them but then I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell them in person.
    For DH's family, his mom is big into "postcrossing" which is this website where people from around the world sign up to trade postcards.  So I created an account and got about a dozen people from different countries to all send me postcards that said "Congratulations on becoming a grandmother!" in their native language.  We plan on handing them to her and letting her be confused for a little bit before translating.  :D
    For his siblings, we occasionally do movie nights as it's often hard to get all 6 siblings and their SO's together but nice to see each other every now and then, so we scheduled a movie night at our place shortly after we found out (since it takes about a month's notice to catch everyone) and plan on having several "themed" movies (What to Expect, Bridget Jones' Baby, Baby Mama, Storks) to offer and have baby themed snacks (like baby bottle pops and the little hard pacifier candy they all love for some reason, and baby ruths).  SO ready for Monday night!  Hope they catch it! :D
    For the general public, we'll probably take some photos and put something quippy on it then post to fb.  I love the superhero/sidekick idea and may do something akin. <3

    Edited to add:

    av2323 I absolutely love the marauder's map idea! <3<3<3
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    August 2016- 1mg estradiol CDs 1-7, 50mg generic clomid CDs 5-9 w/TI | BFN | Referred to specialist, visited once, was told we have less than a 3% chance even on medication, recommended to IUI for up to a 50% chance, decided not to pursue at this time | Stopped "trying"
    October 2016- We became licensed foster parents
    November 9, 2016- Arrival of DD#1, 4yo
    March 1, 2017- 1 day late, feel like crap (low fever & exhausted) | Mom suggested test before taking meds, I laughed but did it anyway | BFP! *shock*

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  • Guess who books a pregnancy announcement photographer that turns out is a 2 hour trip by train (each way)????

    This. girl. right. here. 

    It's actually like a 5 hour drive each way (thank you Korean bullet trains) so the train tickets are worth it. We prepaid her so it's not like I could cancel. She didn't tell me the location when I booked because it's dependent on how the Cherry blossoms bloom and she just told me yesterday (our photoshoot is next Sunday). DH wasn't super happy but didn't get mad over it. I had posted in a local FB group looking for a photographer in our city and someone suggested her so I had assumed she was in our city. Rookie mistake. 
    Me: 25 DH: 29, Married 1/1/2015
    DS 11/2/2017
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  • I was kind of upset that my fiance told his parents immediately. I get that he was excited but what if something happens? And I would've liked to tell them a cute way. As far as everyone else, I want to buy this shirt for my 3 1/2 year old and take pictures. 
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