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Plans/Ideas for pregnancy announcement

What are your plans for pregnancy announcements?
Timing is obviously a personal choice, I'm thinking more of the cute ideas and such.
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Re: Plans/Ideas for pregnancy announcement

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  • Ohh, good thread! 

    I'm wondering if I'll let DS handle telling close family for us. I don't have any particularly cute ideas either way. I'm super excited about having some sort of "gender" reveal though. We didn't with DS but I've seen so many super fun ones since then that I want one too lol. Last time I didn't put anything on fb until 20 weeks/after the anatomy scan, and I might do the same this time. 

  • @Ladybentspoon I saw some cute Easter ideas on pinterest, if you haven't checked that out already. 
    Me: 25 DH: 29, Married 1/1/2015
    DS 11/2/2017
    TTC since August 2018

  • You ladies are very creative!! The best I could come up (without copying what friends have done) with was DD in a big sister shirt holding the ultrasound pic.  Going to try to come up with something more fun since this might be our last..maybe easter themed. I saw someone had their daughter wearing a shirt that said "this chick's going to be a big sister" with easter props
  • @flowerpower5838 and @av2323 love the idea of a Harry Potter theme announcement.  


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  • @c+mpeachey Technology is great. We're in Korea while our family is in New England. I just texted my parents a picture of the tests and we Skyped my ILs and told them. I was going to get something off Etsy and send it to them but my parents are divorced so I'd need 2 for them and 1 for the ILs and through in shipping and the cost added up fast haha 
    Me: 25 DH: 29, Married 1/1/2015
    DS 11/2/2017
    TTC since August 2018

  • We are planning on telling close friends and family at the end of this month, and then making a cutesy Easter themed post for Facebook on Easter. It's so hard right now to keep this a secret. But it's nice to have the community here to talk about it! 
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  • I've told close friends and my internet mommy groups but our parents don't even know yet. Kind of backwards but we want to wait until the first scan to tell them. I'll need to dig up my announcements from my other pregnancies. They were cute. I haven't really thought of what I want to do for this one yet, but I do know that I plan to reveal to all of my dad's side of the family when we go on a Disney cruise with them all at the end of April/beginning of May. I'll turn 12 weeks right before going so I ordered a tank top that says "bun in the oven" and I think I'm going to wear it to dinner the first night since we are all dining together, and just have a cardigan or something over it that I'll take off to announce it!
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  • I've seen so many good ideas, it's hard to pick just one! I think we're going to hold back on any social media announcement.  For DD#2, we never made an official announcement, ppl just started asking based on what I was posting.  

    I saw a really cute idea that has the older sister teaching the younger sister with a sign that says big sister training school. So far, that's my top pick! 

    Not sure if we'll do something more low key for close family and friends though.  

  • We don't live near our families, except my baby sister who relocated here, so we had planned to visit around Mother's day and I'd like to do something cute for a Mother's day gift to tell our Moms. But I haven't decided what yet. For the rest of the family I am thinking about get a cute, geeky, announcement shirt from somewhere like cafe press and just wearing it to dinner (we all usually go out when we visit). Because we don't live near our families we have to really think this through so someone who should hear from us doesn't hear through the rumormill. I also want to tell my grandma by getting her something that says, "The best grandmas get promoted to great grandmas". 

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  • Everyone has such cute ideas. I didn't do anything cute with my DD since DH is so against all of the pregnancy announcements and gender reveals. We just called up people the night after the first appointment and told them.

    This time, my parents are going to be visiting for Easter and DH said it's up to me how I want to tell them. So I'm thinking of putting DD into a big sister shirt just before she goes to bed. My mom usually gets her up in the morning when she's visiting. I also considered putting something in an Easter egg in DD's basket that she can give to my parents.
  • @elsieisamoocow I'm right there with you with not telling family yet.  I've told my two besties who both live in different states, and the two ladies I work with who have helped me through my IF journey for the last year.  I'm still not even sure when we'll tell family about #2, much less how.  I'm ama, so I'm sure we'll be doing the genetic testing and find out the sex early, so maybe we'll just wait until then...

    @c+mpeachey That's a BRILLIANT idea!!!!


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  • We told my family by having my son wear a shirt. The same with hubby's mom. For his dad, we're having cookies made that have the month and year at the top and the day highlighted in a big font as well as cookies of onesies, rattles, and ones saying we're expecting. For facebook, we're going to do the calendar with the date marked with a heart and a pair of baby shoes and the ultrasound photo.
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  • I think it would be fun to hold off on telling everyone until we know the sex - so we can do one announcement and call it a day.

    Wishful thinking though. DD didnt uncross her legs to show us until 30 weeks
  • @gipfish that is soooo cute

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