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Post-partum tips, rants and raves

So many mamas are heading into post-partum recovery now, I'd love to get your insights and advice. Anything that helped you feel better fast? Unexpected symptoms? 

Best recovery tool for me has been baby cuddles, especially skin to skin.

Re: Post-partum tips, rants and raves

  • C section mama - the belly bandit has been a lifesaver. It compresses everything and helped with pain. The hospital gave me a binder as well but the edges dug into my skin and hurt so I switched it out for mine on day 2.
    TMI - Unexpected this time around is the continuous constpation 2 weeks post partum. When I take the prescribed colace I get diarrhea but if I don't take it I have constipation. Bleh I can't win. 
    Also the more I got up and moved around after my section the better I felt. So if you have one make sure to walk as soon as you can! 

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    Honestly,  sleep has helped me feel better, but not just any sleep, sleeping how I did before pregnancy. I am getting a deeper sleep than I have in forever.  Every time I take a shower I feel cleaner and more normal.
  • Seconding the binder for a C-section. It has made SUCH a difference. The one the hospital gave me actually worked better for right away. Just be sure to let your incision site breathe sometimes.
    Also bring some lighter flow pads.
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  • @korpisar I am dreading that first bowel movement. I have third degree tearing and everything is very sore down there. Hope the colace works like that for me!

    @disneybaby84, I hear you. Contemplated going to bed at 6:30 tonight.
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